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  • I do like this Theme a lot because of all the possible customization. I’m having a problem using some WP widgets that work great on other WP Themes. The one I’m having the biggest problem with and really need to use is Colorful Text Widget On Responsive, Customizr and many other popular WP Themes, it works perfectly. Not so on Nusantra.

    When I put it in a widget area such as Region 3 of the 3 wide, it creates a color bar across the entire page at the top of all the widgets and a white box below the Region 2 widget. You can view this on our test website using this theme.

    If the text box showed up perfectly as it does on our other websites such as this website, it would be great since we cannot have white text boxes for this particular design. Since I’ve changed the basic text color to white, I need colored backgrounds everywhere which works fine for the rest of the Theme.

    It appears that maybe the padding and other size and placement specifications in this Theme are not allowing Colorful Text Widget to work. Not sure about that but something is clearly different here.

    Thanks for your help in resolving this problem,


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  • I have done some more testing and discovered an additional problem. The Division Four (3 regions) and the Division Six (2 regions) specifications for widgets do not perform the same. Both of them fail to use Colorful Text Widget’s. The 3 region shows the background of all text boxes in white. The 2 Region shows the background the same as the background for the Theme as specified in the custom settings on background color.

    Why one doesn’t use the background color and the other does is strange. In both cases, they do not produce what I want which is a colored background in the text box of widgets that is a lighter shade than the background of the Theme/Website and the text color is appropriate such as a reverse white if dark or darker color if light.

    One of the reasons I choose this Theme was because of all the widget boxes that would offer a way for us to put copy and quotes in them similar to what we did on our old, outdated website. Somehow I need lighter purple boxes and maybe in more than one shade to do this.



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