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    Good afternoon,

    Is there a way to show numbers on the thumbnails?

    I am thinking that with a single form checkbox just under the gallery display, when checked on, then numbers can appear on top of all the thumbs, placed probably in the corner of each.

    When checked off the numbers are hidden on thumbs. So user can control this.

    So acts like a version number reference system, ‘Display version numbers’, perhaps using the Menu Order field


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  • Plugin Author David Lingren


    Nice to hear from you again, and thanks for an interesting question.

    There is no MLA feature along the lines you’ve requested. I imagine a solution might include the following elements:

    1. Populate the menu order field or a WordPress custom field with the version number values.
    2. Use a custom markup template to add the number to the gallery display, with HTML attributes and CSS styles to hide the values by default and position them where you want.
    3. Add the HTML form with your checkbox to the markup template or directly in the page content.
    4. Create some JavaScript functions to hook the checkbox and display/hide the version numbers based on the state of the checkbox.

    I regret that I do not have the time to work on such a specialized application, but I hope the above outline makes sense. I am marking this topic resolved because your question has been answered, but please update it if there are any MLA-specific aspects I can help with as you work on a solution that fits your application. Thanks for your understanding and your continued interest in the plugin.

    hi David,

    Thanks for this, I will try to find a programmer to make it work and show them your helpful outline. I thought there might not be anything like this yet but wanted to ask in case there was.

    On a different topic of the mla pagination, I have added a form on my attachment page to collect input from users, so they can request a quote for a print of an image. I did a quick test and when the gallery is paginated the entered form data is cleared.

    So I want to ask if I find a programmer is it ok to have the pagination changed to an ajax type of load so that the page is not refreshed? Based on the code setup, is this a type of customisation something that can be achieved?

    I’d still like to keep the separate groups of thumbnails rather than add them on, but have it a seamless loading effect

    thanks again,

    Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for your update. If you do find a programmer to undertake the project I would be happy to give them any assistance I can.

    Regarding the “AJAX pagination” idea, it is something I have thought about for some time but never had time to pursue. It would be a great addition to the MLA plugin.

    It can be achieved but it would require work on both the browser and server ends. For a single, custom application like yours the server-side work could be implemented as a small custom plugin along the lines of the many MLA example plugins offered in the Settings/Media Library Assistant Documentation tab.

    A general addition to the MLA core functions would require more design and implementation work to provide the flexibility needed for many different site designs.

    Again, if you decide to proceed with your own implementation I will give you whatever advice and help I can manage. Let me know how it works out, and thanks for your understanding.

    You might find this alternative of interest:

    Lazy load and masonry layout

    Those sound like great solutions David.

    I checked on the mobile and my attachment page involves quite a lot of scrolling. So I might instead situate the form on a dedicated page which the user can link to off the attachment page. On its own it would have a clean unfettered feel for the user.

    So I can solve this issue but in doing so have a design question. Can I explain briefly as possible.

    My idea is to use a slider gallery at the top of the new standalone page, immediately followed by my form. In an example set of 7 uploaded images there are:

    1) 4 images 800 x 800 px
    2) 2 images 800 x 600 px
    3) 1 image 400 x 800 px

    I’ll call these proportion groups.

    A select list field called ‘Proportion group’ would sit at the top of the form directly below the gallery, so the user can select:

    Group 1
    Group 2
    Group 3

    So if the user selects Group 1 the nearby mla gallery dynamically loads the 4 800 x 800 px images for them to view. The others are not loaded unless chosen using Group 2 or Group 3 select options. I would use a slideshow which looks good when the images are all the same proportion.

    If they like an image in the proportion group they can move onto the next field which enables them to select an ‘image’ (or images) in it:

    Image 1
    Image 2
    Image 3
    Image 4

    All the images for the gallery are the same ones used for the attachment page, except for the division of the proportion groups. They could be smaller if it improves loading for the form. Loading using the proportion groups could aid the loading efficiency because the number are reduced, and it enables the user to make an order for a particular proportion group because the images are the same specification and they can designate a size

    I would like to know in your experience, is this a good design in principal. If it is, I can put it to a developer. They could do something with the metadata in the files for height and width, not to mention the numerous options with mla


    Plugin Author David Lingren


    Thanks for the positive feedback on my suggesitons and for your new design idea and the details behind it.

    The overall approach could be made to work well. What would the initial page display look like? A simple checklist or dropdown with “Group 1” wouldn’t be too informative, but perhaps something like “Group 800×800 px” would be enough.

    When a group is selected the “AJAX pagination” idea could be used to populate the nearby dynamic gallery. The second (image selection) field could be populated at the same time using metadata returned in the dynamic gallery.

    The above approach would require some Javascript coding and the “AJAX pagination” custom plugin on the back end, but both of these are straightforward. The idea is certainly worth more investigation with your developer. Good luck with it!

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