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  • I love the plugin and I can tweak formats afterwards but I’m finding that the numberpost option is giving me fits. Its works fine until I push it to 10. I have 64 pages to display and can only show 9. When I set it to ten, they all disappear.

    I initially thought it was breaking it, but I put debug=true in my config and nothing breaks that I can see. not even a message.

    I made changes in a variety of places and nothing seems to alter the outcome. Is is the short-code I’m using when it works.

    [catlist id=5067 thumbnail=yes posts_morelink=’Read more about this community’ orderby=title order=asc post_type=Page numberposts=9]

    the page this code is on is: and I am using the Sahifa template

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  • are you sure that in the Sahifa theme there is a setting for number of posts that is overriding numberposts?

    Yes, I went through the theme, the and found no limits that match it either on the theme panels, nor in the code itself. I check general settings, read, write and everywhere else I could think of.

    Perhaps I am missing it somewhere else? In the database? could it be because it goes from 1 digit to 2?

    Grasping at straws here at this point.

    You could try
    WP Category Post List Widget
    Even though it says ‘widget’, it offers a shortcode too.
    I decided not to use List category posts because it wouldn’t display the author and comment count.

    I have the opposite error:

    My code is [catlist id=137 orderby=date order=des numberposts=8 excerpt=no Date=no]

    And it shows ALL posts, not just the eight I want.

    I added a few more plugins just before this happened, so i am sure there is a plugin conflict. I use List category posts on other sites, and they still work correctly.

    This one for example, works perfect on one site, but not on the other.
    [catlist id=29 orderby=date order=dec numberposts=10 Date=no]

    I now need to find the plugin that stuffs this up.

    For jcimb: Add ‘author=yes’, and it does show the author.
    and add ‘comments=yes’ to show the comment count.

    [catlist author=yes] Display the post’s author next to the title. Default is ‘no’
    [catlist comments=yes] Show comments count for each post. Default is ‘no’.].

    eg: this code [catlist id=191,-229 orderby=date order=dec numberposts=-1 Date=yes author=yes comments=yes]
    Population of the Philippines (0)March 24, 2013ABCDiamond
    Average Income in the Philippines (2)March 24, 2013ABCDiamond
    Buying a Property in the Philippines – Interest Rates (0)March 23, 2013ABCDiamond
    But it needs some formatting done, to make it look better.
    I may look into that myself and see if I like to use it.

    ABCDiamond – thank you, but I tried author=yes plus all kinds of combinations and it just refused to work.
    And like you, I have two sites using it, and they’re on different hosts – on one host it works fine, the other does not.

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