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  • what in the style sheet would determine how numbered/bulleted lists would appear? I’ve done my best to go thru this theme line by line to edit out. What I seem to be finding is references on various forums to this line

    .entry ul li:before, #sidebar ul ul li:before {content: "0BB 020";

    but I’m not sure that’s what’s doing it.

    I’m trying to resolve the fact that the bulleted lists are coming out in a font size at a minimum 2 points smaller than the standard font size is for the rest of the post and it doesn’t indent the list.

    I’m very new to css and I’m completely stymied as to what could be causing this. I could post the whole style sheet but that seems to be overkill. I can show it to anyone who is willing to assist me with this.

    Hopefully this is remotely understandable and someone can assist me. Please don’t hesitate to ask for more/different information than I’ve provided. Thanks so much in advance

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  • install firebug for firefox then you can right click and inspect element and view the css that affects it. ol is an ordered list (numbered) ul is unordered(bullets) li is each list item.

    to set the size of all you could use

    ol li, ul li{fontsize:18px!important;}

    !important should over-ride any more specifically targeted css, eg #sidebar ul li {font-size:12} would normally over-ride ul li{font-size:18px;}

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