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  • I run a mid-level blog that gets a fair number of comments (100+ a day). Recently, I upgraded from the default layout in WP1.2 to the Kubrick default in 1.5.

    In the 1.2 default, comments were numbered sequentially, which was convenient for posters because they could refer to previous comments by number (i.e., “in comment #36, Jake said…”). The default layout in 1.5 doesn’t have numbers, however.

    Keeping in mind that I’m not the most computer-literate person in the world, could anyone tell me how to add comment numbering to the standard Kubrick layout?


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  • I would think that numbers are *in* the default. You just cant see them. Look at the CSS in ol commentlist ?

    Thanks! That helped.

    In case anyone who’s as ignorant about CSS as I am ever has the same question and finds this thread by searching, let me spell it out a bit more:

    I looked in the style.css file for the theme I’m using, found the bit that said:

    .commentlist li {
    margin: 15px 0 3px;
    padding: 5px 10px 3px;
    list-style: none;

    And changed the “none” to “decimal,” so it now says:

    .commentlist li {
    margin: 15px 0 3px;
    padding: 5px 10px 3px;
    list-style: decimal;

    And that gave me numbered comments.

    More for reference:

    When used with items within an unordered list, the list-style-type property accepts one of four values: disc, circle, square, or none. The browser marks the unordered list items with the corresponding specified dingbat. The default value is disc; browsers change that default depending on the nesting level of the list.

    When used with items within an ordered list, the list-style-type property accepts one of six values: decimal, lower-roman, upper-roman, lower-alpha, upper-alpha, or none. These values format the item numbers as decimal values, lowercase Roman numerals, uppercase Roman numerals, lowercase letters, or uppercase letters, respectively. Most browsers will use decimal numbering schemes if you don’t set this property.
    …The list-style property

    The list-style property is the shorthand version for all the other list-style properties. It accepts any or all of the values allowed for the list-style-type, list-style-position, and list-style-image properties, in any order and with values appropriate for the type of list it is to affect. These are valid list-style properties:

    LI {list-style: disc}
    LI {list-style: lower-roman inside}
    LI {list-style: url(

    The first example creates list items that use a disc as the bullet image. The second causes numbered list items to use lowercase Roman numerals, drawn inside the list item’s block. In the last example, a square will be used as the bullet image if the referenced image is unavailable.

    This can be found on the HTML Definitive Guide

    tgriff, that was extremely valuable. Thanks so much, for the info and the link!

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