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    Hey guys,

    Love the plugin, I just wanted to offer some feedback on the nearly weekly releases. We use the plugin in a production e-commerce site and the weekly releases mean that we’re constantly having to upgrade our local copies, test all of our site functionality, which is.. a lot, and then push to production. We have as much automated as possible, but the constant releases are becoming very burdensome. I know some of them are just language files and what not, but they still need to put through the same rigor of testing. If you could bundle the updates into monthly or bi-monthly packages, it would be very helpful.



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  • Hi Andrew,

    The frequent plugin updates are explained by the necessity:

    1) to fix bugs, if there are any;

    2) to implement customization paid by a client;

    3) to add a translation or a translation’s update, sent by our plugin’s user, for a lot of them need it to be done as soon as possible.

    We do take care of your users and try our best to implement the issues they need as soon as possible.

    If you see there is a new plugin’s update available, you can check what exactly has been implemented and if there is no necessity you may not update it. Or else you can install our free plugin Updater –, which can update all your plugins automatically.

    Support Team

    I agree with Andrew. The updates on your plugin have been far too frequent since you released a premium version. My company provides an add-on for Formidable that links the two plugins together. Several of your updates lately have not been reverse compatible, like adding a new parameter to the decode function without a default value and dropping the str_key global. We had to rush the second critical update on our add-on today, for the second time in a week.

    Please help both our users and yours by providing some kind of reverse compatibility. And it would also save us a lot of time if you could decrease the frequency of your updates, since we also have to update and do testing with every single release, and do not have the luxury of picking and choosing when to update.

    Hi sswells,

    If you view the recent Changelog, you’ll see that all the updates are important. We do consider them vital and unfortunately, we can’t assist you in solving this issue.

    V3.8.8 – 05.11.2013

    NEW : Add checking installed wordpress version.
    Update : We updated security functionality.
    V3.8.7 – 31.10.2013

    Update : We updated all functionality for wordpress 3.7.1.
    Update : Activation of radio button or checkbox by clicking on its label.
    Update : We added Tooltips for settings page.
    V3.8.6 – 25.10.2013

    NEW : Ability to change required symbol (asterisk).
    Update : We updated all functionality for wordpress 3.7.
    V3.8.5 – 17.10.2013

    Update : The Italian language file is updated.
    NEW : The Catalan language file is added to the plugin.

    Support Team

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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