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  • I love this theme, really! Looking further for next updates and hoping will have success and more appreciations by the WP community.
    However,im using the last updated version of this theme 1.0.8, with WP italian version 3.8.3.
    I dont know why but, ive modiefied the number of blog post per page from 10 to 5, but these changes hasnt been applyed and still 10 post are shown.

    Is there any bug, i maybe something else?

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  • Hi,
    For me it displays the correct number of posts. Be sure that you have not installed any plugins that may modify these reading settings.

    I have installed some additional plugins offcourse, like page builder, mailpoet, magic action boxes, and some others for review products and so on.

    I sounds weird to me that some plugins could cause bugs with a so simple option like number of post per page.

    I meant one of these plugins that are even intended to change these settings.

    Oh i see. Well, im trying to avoid to install not really necessary plugins fro every issues i cant get into code.

    Thx for help Tiguan!

    As last update i can report this: The issue is only about homepage setting as blog, if i switch trough categories the changes are applied as i want like 5 posts per page. Then, this big has affect only the hompage as blog posts.

    Ok lastest update about this matter:

    As i stated in the previous post this problem is related only on BLOG post page, where for soem weird reason the post are not even 10 shown but 9. As i said, ive changed option display into 5, and only categories are responding in the right way shwoing 5 post each category. Only homepage left with this bug showing still 9 instead of 5…

    Went also to check the code with a friend, but we couldnt find where is the problem :/

    Awaiting an answer from the theme developer.

    Theme Author Nilambar Sharma


    I have tested with setting up as Blog page with 5 posts per page. But I could not reproduce the error you are referring. Can you please once disable all plugins and test it again?

    We even tryed to disabled all plugins to see if it was there the problem. Apparently it seems to be not caused by plugins… but i cant make it sure.
    I will leave here the link of the website so u can check the homepage, it is a dating one.

    Ok, i just disalbed all plugins once again, and tryed to change 2-3 times post shown per page, but nothing has changed, always 9 post shown per page.

    Theme Author Nilambar Sharma


    I have again tried in my online demo site. It is working fine. Check here. I am here at really difficult situation what to say.

    Thx for your assistance Nilabar. Unfortunately im unable to solve this problem. In case i manage to find a solution i’ll let u know here

    Allright i found what was the cause of the issue few minutes ago.

    Basically when u put in evidence sum articles, this overwrite the settings in “reading section” of WP and it doesnt count anymore ur setting as post shown per page. I was arrived at 13 post blog same page.

    I hope in the next theme update it will be fixed 🙂

    I forgot do add, that to fix the issues u must remove all article in “evidence/featured post”, then ur custom reading settings are back to work as supposed to be.

    Theme Author Nilambar Sharma


    I could not understand how you fixed this issue. Can you elaborate please? What update need I provide in next release of theme?


    This problem comes when u set a sticked post from: wp Admin panel>post>quick update >Make this post sticky.

    If you have 1 post or more Sticked in blog section, your customs setting for post shown on blog doesnt work anymore. So to get back normal situation u must remove all sTicked post u have. Then u can change the setting as many u want to show post per page.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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