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    Hi everyone !

    First of all thanks Caroline for the beautiful theme, and sorry for my english (not my mother thong…)

    But what i’m most sorry for, is my ignorance in coding and websites in general. is the first website i try to make and two weekds ago i didn’t even know what a “theme” was.

    Anyways : i’ve read all the topics and i couldn’t find a solution for these two pblms :

    1. Using Chrome (and i think Safari also but i didn’t check yet) the number of circles automatically reduce of one (On the website, i’m using this page as the home page). For exemple : with firefox i have my three circles, but with chrome the 3rd one goes down left. I’ve tried to change it by going to settings–>reading but it didn’t work out.

    2. I wand to have sub pages attached to one page of my menu. At the beginning, i thought it would be simple but when i indicate that one page has a parent page, it disappears from the menu and doesn’t appear under the parent page as it should be.

    I realise these are beginner questions and that there must be something to change in the CSS (i’m using jetpack) but i cannot find out what to change.

    Thanks again for all this work and for your help !

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  • Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Thanks, I’m glad you like the theme!

    You’re working with a modified version of the theme, so I’m afraid I can’t be of much help with #1. But I’d advise using a browser addon like Firebug to Inspect your site and play with the properties around the circles (usually padding or margins, or the content column width) until they reside on on one line.

    For #2, you should be able to create a custom menu by going to Appearance -> Menus and assigning it to the Primary Menu area. Nesting the links within your custom menu will create drop-down submenus.

    If that doesn’t work, it’s possible some of the customized CSS is breaking it, so try replacing any customized code with the parent theme’s original navigation menu CSS.

    Hi Caroline,

    Thanks for your answer.

    For #1. I’m already using firebug but can’t figure out where this pblm comes from because i’m using it with firefox. Is it possible to use firebug with Chrome ?

    For #2. That’s what i did (creating a custom menu). You must be right about the customized codes… But even if i find what’s causing this problem, i just realised that the sub-pages i wanted to create are actually the 3 articles, and i’m not sure it is possible to attach an article to a parent page.

    I will try to figure that out on my own and with some friends who are way better than me with this type of issues !

    Thanks again for your help !


    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Yes, Chrome has its own Inspector included, you may need to turn it on, though —

    And it’s possible to add Posts as Custom Menu items:

    Thank you very much Caroline!

    Ok now i know what to fix, but i just don’t know where (for #1 at least).

    Whith chrome, the width of the element called (the center of my home page, where the circles are) is ajusted on 400px and it needs to be enlarge to 600px.

    I’ve looked on the CSS and i cannot find where to change the width of this element. Maybe it’s automatic. So I’ve checked the content-home.php but in vain (and also, i’m not sure i’m able to modify a php page without making huge mistakes).

    Do you have any idea where i can find and make the changes?

    Again thank you so much for your time and your help!

    Have a nice week-end, and a happy easter!

    Hi there

    No need to answer my last post i finally decided to restart from the beginning and now it works perfectly!

    My mistake was to modify certain pages, without using jetpack or creating a child theme, and finally lose the properties of the original theme!

    It took me a whole day to rebuilt everything but at least i’ve learned my lesson;)


    Theme Author Caroline Moore


    Glad you’ve figured it out! The child theme lesson is a hard lesson to learn, but a valuable one. 🙂

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