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  • I chose five out of the eleven icons on the list, number 2 Twitter, 3 Facebook, 4 sharethis (both Facebook and e-mail), 8 stumble upon and 11 e-mail. I kept the alternative “Enable” and updated.
    Vertically to the left of the blog post I got the five desired icons plus the icon “Digg”. I didn´t know what Digg was and tried to remove it. So I did the whole procedure a couple of times more.
    Then suddenly there only remained five out of eleven icons in the list, five of the six I had not ticked off. Near the blog post now only four icons were seen, g+1, Tweeta, Facebook Like and in Share.
    I shared the screen with another text so it was half the normal width. The icons therefore didn´t appear vertically to the left of the blog post any more, actually not horizontally under the post title either but at the end of the blog post.
    I then clicked “Reset buttons” and all eleven unmarked icons returned to the list. Now to the left of the blog post there appeared seven icons vertically, Digg, Tweet, Facebook Like, Facebook Share, Email share, Pinterest, E-mail. And the earlier four icons were still at the bottom of the post.
    It seems as if whatever icons I tick off there appear another number of icons and partly other kinds of icons.
    1. Is it so that if you tick off e.g. five of eleven icons and choose the alternative “Enable” and update – is what should happen then, that all eleven icons still remain on the list but become unmarked again and that exactly the five ticked off icons should appear vertically to the left of the blog post (or maybe under the title if the blog post is not so wide)?
    2. If you click “Reset buttons” – should everything return to a state as if you hadn´t done anything yet, that is all eleven icons are unmarked on the list and all vertically ordered icons disappear from the left side of the blog post (or horizontally ordered icons disappear from under the title of the blog post)?
    3. If it should be as I have described under sections 1 and 2 above – how do I make it function that way?

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