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    The situation: My website got hacked, messing up my SEO (i.e. replacing popular links to my site on Google with links to pharma). I haven’t been able to fix it manually, and my last full backup is from many months ago (yes, I know, my bad) so replacing with that isn’t an option.

    So I’m considering just extracting the pure content (which I assume is clean?), scrubbing everything, installing WP from scratch, and re-importing the content. Is this an adequate game plan?

    AFAIK, what you need to extract are (1) the XML WordPress file through the Export feature; and (2) the media files (can one just copy the “upload” folder (in wp-content) from an FTP connection and reinsert them once the new WP is installed; or is there another procedure?).

    I also have data from the WP Polls plugin and All in One SEO plugin, which I’d like to save if possible. Is this data contained in the exported XML file? Or do you have to manually copy the folders of these plugins from the “plugins” folder of wp-content? Or do you have to do it some other way?

    Is there anything else I need to do, other than a full system backup (I don’t know, in case the XML file is corrupted, and I need to go back to the old version)?

    Sorry for the noobishness of the questions. I’ve never been faced with these issues before. Thanks!

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