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  • There are a few different scripts out there for moving from Nucleus CMS blog software to WordPress, however, none of them 100% worked for me. So, I thought that I would share this with everyone. Sure, my hacks may not be the best way, and I’m sure a real programmer will come along one day and create a version of this script for the latest WordPress release, however, that was my main issue. The latest release of WordPress no longer has a “categories” table in the database, or a “post2cat” one… however the best nucleus migration script out there (i think) is this one, and it was written for an older version of WordPress with these database tables. So, when you install and run this script, you get errors saying the “categories” database does not exist. So, since I’m not a programmer, the easiest way to fix this was to simply delete the code that imports the categories, and I also deleted the code that imported that “post2cat” table as well, honestly not sure what that table does or did because I’m a newbie coder, BUT, the fact is, it worked!

    I deleted those two sections of the code, and I was still able to import all my authors, all my posts and all my comments! So, of course the only thing that didn’t migrate over was my old nucleus categories, so instead all my posts are under one default category now… but, I personally don’t have many posts, so I’m ok with going in and creating new categories and moving all the posts to an appropriate category manually.

    Now, what’s wrong with the couple other nucleus to wordpress scripts I found? They all required the wordpress database and the nucleus database to be the same. So why didn’t I just do that? Well, because I auto installed wordpress through my web host and it forced me to create a new database, PLUS, I didn’t want all the tables to mix together, and then me accidentally delete a table that I shouldn’t, because again I’m a newbie. So, I just feel more safe creating a new database, and the script above allows you to do so.

    Long story short, it worked great after the changes and even though I have to make my categories manually, it at least brought all my posts, authors/members, and comments over.

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  • I figured out that it may be the easiest to not migrate the database but just to move the files out of the way of wordpress and use .htaccess to keep the urls:



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    Hmm, just a theory, perhaps another solution so that category associations would be preserved …
    Download copy of that WordPress version at compatible with Nucleus import script you found. Upload WP version, set up database and install. If the Nucleus import script worked, you then export the XML and backup SQL from that install.
    Clear up database and delete old WP install and upload WP 2.6.1 then install. Import XML file into this new install.

    can anyone tell me *exactly* what i need to delete on these files? i’ve been deleting and restores for quite awhile!


    i managed to get the posts moved over by using the tips from the first post on this discussion…

    but… my photos or images are not moving over with each post.


    Koh, do you mind sharing the modified code you used? I’ve been digging around to remove all the post2cat code and just end up with syntax errors, so I must be deleting the wrong bits 🙁

    I could probably help you with your images..

    Yay! I kept trying, and I did eventually get it. 🙂 My comments aren’t quite working though. Will keep working on that, and then on the images…

    A little tip here, if you have a private blog in nucleus, import that before the others. Then run this query in MySQL

    UPDATE wp_posts SET post_status = ‘private’

    *glad to have my more embarrassing posts under control*


    Alright, sorry to totally spam this thread, but did anyone have problems with the comments?

    My blogs’ comments imported, but they don’t show in the posts. Come to find out, its because the comment_post_ID is set to 0 on each one.

    Did anyone else run into this?

    WordPress is even known among non-techies and has a lot of plugins, one shouldn’t ignore Nucleus CMS. One really cool feature is that you can maintain more than one blog within one installation. If you’ve got plenty of blogs you will really appreciate this kind of convenience. By default WordPress doesn’t offer this. However in terms of SEO friendly URLs WordPress has the upper hand. But there is a plugin for Nucleus to get them too so I guess you can be happy with both blog solutions. Another pro for Nucleus CMS is that their forum seems to be more friendly, in the WordPress forum you seem to get easily no or even a rude answer.

    I’ve used Nucleus CMS for years, before WordPress existed, but I’m making the switch now. I do like the multiple blog setup, however on my own site, I was basically abusing the multiple blogs to get the features I wanted, like subcategories and private postings.

    WordPress supports deeper sub categories and tagging, not to mention private posts.. all by default, not by all the hacks I had to apply to Nucleus that made my RSS break. Even the ‘fancier urls’ in Nucleus don’t compare to the lovely slug urls in WordPress.

    I -really- do like Nucleus though. I love its simplicity, particularly when it comes to upgrades! I like that even if the back end is a bit boring, it’s always predictable.. how-tos I wrote for my clients years ago still work just fine now. Even on new projects I have to weigh out the pros and cons before deciding what system to use.

    re Multiple blogs: WordPress DOES have a multi-blog setup, WordPressMu. I’ve played around with that a bit and decided that for now, if I have to have multiple blogs on a single site, Nucleus is the way to go. MU is great if you need multiple blogs on separate sites.

    As for the unfriendliness of the WordPress forums, I agree – nucleus forums are much more warm and friendly at this point. If enough people decide to work on that though, it shouldn’t be a problem anymore. 😉


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