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  • I have an issue on android device : Impossible to edit input boxes (such as search or contact form), the keyboard appears briefly then disappears, making input text impossible. The problem is only in container (search box in footer is OK)

    The problem is not depending on plugins (still KO if all deactivated).
    No issue with other theme such as twenty twelve.

    I have tried to register the tc-scripts.js in the header : this problem is then solved but it breaks the highlight of featured articles on the main page. So it’s not a good solution, but it suggests a work around : registering the tc-scripts.js in the header for all pages except the main page. It works.

    Any idea to fix definitely ?

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  • Again is not a good solution, also the “Back to top” will not work properly, and who knows what else.

    I know, but I can’t afford that input boxes do not work on mobile …

    Actually there is a bug report from FireBug (Chrome) :

    Uncaught ReferenceError: TCParams is not defined tc-scripts.min.js:1
    (anonymous function) tc-scripts.min.js:1
    (anonymous function) tc-scripts.min.js:1

    which I do not have in the front page where tc-scripts is in the footer.

    Hey, found the problem, is that reordering-block. I’ll tell you what happens. When you click on an input box the qwerty appears right?
    This is recognized as a window resizing (probably depends on the browser). When this event occurs, and you’ve selected the reordering block option, then blocks are re-ordered even if is not necessary. And when this happens, that input loses the focus, and the qwerty disappears. Same thing (without the qwerty but just because the window height grows) happens (I think) with @dario_arc issue.

    hope this helps, but you probably already knew.

    Yes, the keyboard shortly appears, i’s azerty though 🙂
    I have tested on firefox and chrome for android, it is the same problem ; please note that it is OK on iphones.
    I unchecked reordering, and you’re right: I can now edit, but the left sidebar goes above the article.

    @nikeo hope it helps !

    Thanks for reporting @manu-pb and @d4z_c0nf.
    Working on a fix.

    Oh man, awesome to know someone else had the same problem. I was banging my head against the wall!

    @d4z_c0nf thank you for the temp fix!
    @nikeo thanks in advance for the fix! Your theme is amazing, very appreciative.

    Hi Nikeo,

    Same problem here.
    Our booking form is not working on the Android device. (tablet and smartphone tested)
    Ipad and IPhone is working good.

    The form is made with “Contact Form 7”.
    We’ve tested on another site with “Contact Form 7” with another theme installed and is working good on android.

    Thanks for this nice theme! (I want surely to continue use this theme).

    Any idea which in timespan it’s solved?

    Where is the reordering box option to turn it off?

    Appearance > Customize > Responsive settings

    This has been solved with the newest updat, woohoo!

    Just kidding, forms work on my phone now, but not on my samsung tablet

    Just kidding on all that, I had the reordering unchecked.



    Hi, I’ve read through this but not clear what I need to do ?



    OK, to elaborate, i understand I can disable reordering blocks on small devices which then makes the form work BUT all the content from the left sidebar goes above the content of the page which is not really good.

    Is there any other options? I Noticed this thread is a few months old and nike mentioned an update to fix this but i presume this has not happened yet.

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