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  • I am a beginner with WP and could not find yet any clue….
    I would like to send the now playing song name from my radio server to my page.
    My radio server has no any direct connection to my page. In the page I use a plugin that connects the user to the radio server for listening.
    The server´s player builds a file *.txt containing a text string that is the name of a song, anytime a new song enters the playing pile. Inside this file there is only a unique name.So the info is already being generated.
    Is there a known plugin / widget that can connect to my radio server and acquire the string from the file *.txt to publish it in the site page? This could be done lets say every 2 minutes…
    I would appreciate any true help.

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  • Priyanka Behera


    Hi @wuex ,

    In my understanding, you want to take the string from the radio server and publish it as a page in your WordPress server.

    If this is the requirement, then you need to play with API and REST API for WordPress.

    You need to create API on your radio server in which you will read the *.txt file and get the string. Meanwhile, in the WordPress server, you need to create a REST API which will fetch the data from the API which was made in the radio server.

    To create REST API endpoint you can check the below document:

    Check it and let me if any other help required.


    Thank you. I got the big picture but I am not sure yet about what that is. I need to learn and understand that. Will do. Thanks for answering. Will turn back if tripped on the way…. :{)>

    Priyanka Behera


    Hi @wuex ,

    Sure let me know if anything else is needed.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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