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  • I love it! Great header.

    Like it too!


    And please, I must know, was the “English” translation banner that stayed across the corner–was that WP plugin, by any chance? And if so, please name it?



    Quite like it from design point of view, and after looking at the code it turned out to be some interesting stuff going on there as well 🙂
    So here is some constructive (I hope) criticism from me..

    PNG’s — cool, but not for IE6, which means a lot of people will see this nice design not in it’s full glory. Can leave it like it is if you don’t mind, though there are some solutions for this. – one of them

    when i switch to english sidebar disappears — not finished yet or some bad php coding? And last article and advert on the right stay in german

    Image map in header with hover effects — quite cool idea, but it’s not obvious at all for the user. I’ve only seen it in code view. May be make those areas stand out somehow.. not sure

    hope this helps..

    The site feels very professional. Bi-yoga might be more fun but that’s just me.

    I would integrated the mid-section blog a little differently. In fact, I’d probably move it to a separate page or installation. I really like how streamlined the top and header area and footer area is.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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