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  • I don’t even have IE6 and I couldn’t even find it to download it.

    I would just like to fix this without having to install it anyway.

    Is there anybody who can help me?

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  • Never… without a link, especially when you are asking display questions.

    Of course they are there, just pushed down.

    Search around for “sidebar down IE” – it makes wonders.

    Where do I search?

    Just scroll up this page until you see a box called SEARCH.

    Oh, I was thinking you meant on my theme editing pages. I will do that.

    OK, I did a search and learned that I needed to do a “validation”. I did that and learned that I have 132 errors.

    And not a single one refers to “sidebar”.

    So I really don’t even know where to begin addressing this problem.

    I did, however, download IE 6 and can see it is a huge problem.

    The error will NEVER refer to your sidebar. You start validating with the first error. Then the second. [click the Show source box and Revalidate – it makes it easier]

    On the other hand, if you searched as I told you, you could see that in 99.99% of the cases it is the user = you. Not validation, although it never hurts… You put too big elements (images. code, something) in a narrow div. That’s how the sidebar starts going down.

    Well now I screwed things up worse. Now it’s messed up in Firefox and IE. I hate this crap.

    Is there anyway I can just restore the original code?

    I ended up downloading Cutline again and cutting and pasting the code over the existing code and that fixed the issues, although it reverted all the adjustments I had made.

    And I still have 83 errors in the validation thing.

    But I’m happy that my site is looking normal, at least, even if it’s filled with errors.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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