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  • This failure could have been caused by another plugin conflict with this one. If you use CAPTCHA on the login form and ever get locked out due to errors or the CAPTCHA is broken, here is how to get back in:

    FTP to your WordPress directory

    Delete this folder:


    This manually removes the plugin so you should be able to login again.

    If you had this problem, please test for a plugin conflict.

    First, reinstall the plugin.

    This should only take a few minutes.
    Here is how to troubleshoot which plugin is conflicting:
    Look on the Admin – Plugins – menu.
    Temporarily deactivate (not uninstall) all your other plugins. Leave this one still activated.
    Does it work now? If yes, activate the other plugins one by one to determine which one conflicts. Test after activating each other plugin. Did that work? Which one was it?

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  • JetPack 2.0.4 is known to cause this.
    Any Facebook or Social Media plugin that uses Open Graph tags could potentially cause this also.

    I just installed it (downloaed to my plugins) and was testing it out with various other emails.
    It just kept telling me that email was already registered and I also never saw a captch image.
    I do have Really simple captcha installed. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

    Hi there can someone help me from a desperate situation. For weeks now I can’t have access to my site and everytime I try to sign in a pop up widow appears with the following message
    Please login wordpress attack protection CAPTCHA enter user name: lij6rsq Password. The result of math 25+5″
    with space to input username and password and a futher message in red that your password would be sent unencrypted.
    This is the site



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    You need to contact your hosting company – that may very likely be related to recent massive attacks on servers hosting WP sites – many hosting companies put in extra security.

    let me see if this can help



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    Are you using this plugin? I doubt this is the right place for this issue. Here’s another thread with the identical problem – and that domain name appears to be hosted at the same host you are:

    I have already deactivated all of my other plugins and it is till telling me the “ERROR: Unreadable CAPTCHA token file” message.



    It’s the plugin itself, not a conflict. Also tested… 😉

    “Please login wordpress attack protection CAPTCHA enter user name: lij6rsq Password. The result of math 25+5”
    will never be generated by this plugin. SI Captcha does not ask to calculate anything, You have posted on the wrong plugin support page. 🙂

    Confirming WPyogi response:
    My ISP added the CAPTCHA for WordPress logins to foil the recent wp attacks in Sept 2013. I had no trouble with it except with Safari on iOS, so I disabled it only now. Ours was implemented in a few lines of the .htaccess file and a file in the filesystem root.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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