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  • What a scammer this guy is. Am a paid customer of his pro upgrade to the multi IPN functionality and now he also demands I pay for the basic plugin here, which was free once, as though they are 2 separate entities.
    I must have the basic for the advanced to function but can no longer get the basic updated if I don’t pay for it as well as for the upgrade which I paid for.


    Plus forces 3 plugins instead of 1 to bloat your site – and to charge twice.

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  • @tekgirlymama I was a little confused when this happened as well. I talked to their support and they explained everything. They also offered me a discount since I was a user of the previously free plugin. Maybe see if they’ll give you one too..??

    This “angel” got people to use his free PayPal IPN plugin then decided to bill us for it.

    I am a paid customer who upgraded as all I need really is the multi-IPN functionality. I use GravityForms or WooCommerce otherwise and don’t need his basic plugin at all.

    So now he has the nerve to not give me updates to the ‘free plugin’ which is now a paid one. And without it the upgrade plugin won’t function. What a scammer thief.

    He also blatantly lies when replying to me on various threads online, saying he offered me a free year of the former-free plugin, when all he offered was a 50% discount on it and I have email proof of this with his name on it.

    BEWARE. SCAM ALERT. Bad egg to buy anything from, no one behaves like this.

    If he wants to sell the free version that’s his right but he should not make the upgrade depending on having installed a former free plugin that now also costs and costs SEPARATELY and is not even something I’d need or wish to buy.
    Extra 3 plugins are needed instead of 1 little one and he could easily consolidate all 3 into the 1 upgraded version and not screw us over like this.

    Hmmm, seems also WordPress kicked him and his plugin/s out as it says on the plugin page:

    This plugin was closed on February 21, 2019 and is no longer available for download. Reason: Guideline Violation.

    My advice for people who need a solution for using the same PayPal Account with multiple websites or sales channels like for example if you also sell on ClickBank, Thrivecart and on your site use GravityForms and or WooCommerce for managing payments, is to use a much better plugin that can handle even multiple IPN forwarding per product, website and for all your needs and integrations – SONICIPN. Google it.

    Reasonable low cost and costs less than this “ANGELLEYE” scammer who now double charges – for a free plugin that is now paid – even for paid customers – and for the forwarder functionality, when in caft they should be 2 separate plugin entities for your needs and billed separately and not forced down our throats if we need a forarder that we need to buy 2 plugins.

    Super dishonest coder and seller to behave like this. BEWARE and stay away from dishonest people who stab in the back like he does.
    No wonder all his plugins were removed from WP.

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