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  • maximilius


    This plugin is such a disappointment. I changed from 10to8 to this because it offers package scheduling and the other features on the squarespace [new owner] looked so impressive. The problem is it is OVERSOLD. The whole reason for my purchase, the packages offer, cannot even be seen embedded on my website because of a silly height restriction and mandatory scrolling bar which “Support” is seemingly unable to do anything about. “Support” don’t work weekends, by the way. Actually, I think maybe they just don’t work. I asked “Support” why I couldn’t decide the order of my offers on the screen, and they said I could “as long as I didn’t include packages”, which have to always go at the bottom of any list?!?! It is this kind of maddening “logic” which is so frustrating about this plugin. Squarespace must know what they’re doing, but they seem to have wanted to take over and brand their name on the plugin in their site design software, rather than worry about it being used as a plugin on anybody else’s site. Did I mention it was also OVERPRICED? There are more reliable and logically scheduling software out there. I should have read the dire reviews here first.

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