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  • We have two non-WP sites (.net & .com). Our squeeze page is held at the .net site (hosted by DreamHost) and our content is held at our .com site (currently being moved to DreamHost). I recently uploaded WordPress at our .net to just give it a try. Love what I was able to do with little to NO experience, and I ended up designing a much better site than our .com site.

    Now… I have hit a snag that I have no clue how to handle. The test site that I designed sits on our .net site, and I would like to make it live as our new .com site. I have no clue how to do this? The instructions that I have found are not basic enough for me, and I do not want to mess things up.

    Can anyone provide some guidance?

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  • You need to go to your registrar and change the dns of you .com site to point to where you have the .net site. Also, the server with the .net site needs to have the .com site added to their listing.

    I went to Network Solutions and requested a registration change to DreamHost earlier this morning. I have also edited the DNS settings to now point to our new host with DreamHost.

    When I go to the ftp site, I can see both the .com and .net sites listed. However, I have no clue how about a few things…

    1) I have as just a landing page. I don’t want to change this page. How to get our .net/webtest (WordPress test site) changed to just be our live site.
    2) How do I create another page using WordPress and not impact the current sites?

    If I understand you right, you’ll need to point the .com to the .net/webtest folder. DNS changes can take a few days, so you’ll have to be patient.
    In your admin panel in wp you’d have to make a change there, too.

    I don’t believe creating another page would impact the current sites.

    A more experienced voice is invited to chime in here, though. 🙂

    The behind the scenes stuff is what I don’t understand. I was kind of hoping to use the ftp to drag the file to the .com site. However, I think that might not be correct.

    The DNS change is not complete because the old site is still live.

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    I have to ask… where does Multisite factor into this?

    That is part of my question. I don’t really know if this is a Multisite situation. I am unclear where to go to find an answer. As I mentioned above, I am very much a beginner and terms are new. So, if I am not supposed to be in the Multisite area for this type of question… I could use the help to point me to the correct place.

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    You’d know if you had Multisite 🙂 It’s an extra thing to set up on a site.

    Moved to General troubleshooting for continued support.

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