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  1. Rexsmom@17
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm trying to build my first website, finding out that it’s not a 5 click, 1 hr ordeal. Recently I purchased a theme on themeforest and I can’t seem to find installation instructions. I have contact the author several times who lives in Germany. Okay, that’s frustrating the time difference. I have download theme, unzipped (extract it) and for a week now trying to install on WP-ADMIN. Message comes up, css.style sheet missing. I thought it was going to be easy, I know this is just a stepping stone is anyone else having these issues? I have tried to search for download, nothing. When I look with hosting company, I do see files uploaded. Is there something I am missing?

  2. Clayton James
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Purchased themes usually get little support here, simply because you paid for support when you bought the theme. The basics:

    a) Look for installation and use documentation inside the theme package you downloaded

    b) make sure that you extract the theme package to your desktop and examine the contents. Some themes come with extra directories that contain plugins, installation documentation, PSD source files, etc...

    c) use your ftp client to upload the extracted theme directory and it's contents to /wp-content/themes. What you initially upload will be one directory, containing all of the theme files and sub-directories.

    Example: /theme_name/all_theme_files -not- /theme_name/theme_name/all_theme_files

  3. Japh
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hey Rexsmom,

    As Clayton mentions in (a), You need to upload the theme ZIP file itself. The ZIP file you uploaded is the entire package you get from ThemeForest which also contains any documentation, PSDs, etc. that the author included.

    You can get more help with this particular problem in the Envato knowledgebase in this article: http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/269/0/my-wordpress-theme-isnt-working-what-should-i-do

    Hope that helps! :)

  4. Rexsmom@17
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Thank you Clayton and Japh. I have opened a ticket with Envato last Thursday and haven't heard back from them. Thanks for the link, super helpful :)

  5. Rexsmom@17
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Okay, so I just watched the video : http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/269/0/my-wordpress-theme-isnt-working-what-should-i-do and in the video it says to look for: DOC, PSD, Screen Shots and www
    When I open the files, no where does it say those specifically. Mine says: Doc, License, PSD, ThemeFiles 2.1 Ummmmm.. I guess I'll have to wait until the author gets back to me at 2am.

  6. Japh
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Unfortunately, without knowing which ThemeForest theme you're using, I can't give any more specific advice. However, each theme author packages their theme and documentation etc. up a little differently, so the folder 'www' may actually be named something else. In your case, the folder 'Theme Files 2.1' would seem a likely candidate. If it contains a file called "style.css", then you're on the right track!

    ZIP that folder and use it to install through the WP-Admin.

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