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  • I’m stuck in the first step of the 5 min. istallation.
    I believe my host meets the requirements, having read the output from a php file containing <?php phpinfo(); ?>.
    But I do not comprehend what “have a database ready with proper username and password” means.
    I’ve downloaded zip files for phpMyAdmin and mysqlcc, hoping I’ll discover what to do, but the documentation for each of of these seems to refer to yet more stuff that I don’t know. I haven’t figured out how to install either of them.
    My web programming experience is limited to ftp-ing my own html to my website. (And I’ve setup a blog with Blogger.)
    How many hours, weeks, months of additional learning do I need in order to proceed with the 5 minute installation? (Sorry for the cheap shot.)

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  • Are you running your own server, or is it hosted by an ISP or something?
    You’ll need whats called a “database server”, the one that WordPress requires is MySQL. If you host supports it, contact them and ask for a new database to be set-up. If it’s your own server, you’ll need to RTFM (Read The Fine Manual) to learn how to get it working.

    Ah ha. Thanks.
    My webhost does support MySQL. I’ll contact them and ask for a new database to be setup.
    Is that all I need to say, “Please setup a new database for me”? Or do I need to tell them something about it, what it’s for, the number of fields, etc?

    My webhost says:
    “Let us know what you would like the database to be named and what database username to use. You may want to check with wordpress to check if it requires any special database naming conventions. “
    Any restrictions? Absent restrictions, are there any conventions?

    No, there are no special requirements for the naming. So you can tell them to have a database named “wordpress” for example; the username can be anything that you won’t forget 🙂 It also has to have a password!

    No. They can name it anywhichway.

    I got a database name, a username, a password, and a localhost name. I edited and saved the wp-config.php file. I uploaded the entire file-structure to my website and I visited
    and I got the message “Error establishing a database connection!”
    This is indeed progress, but now I’m stuck. I’ve sent the 5 min. installation steps to my webhost in case they can spot some conceptual issue. Any thoughts?
    Talk about conceptual issues: I don’t have a clue as to how to proceed *if* the installation is sucessful. Will I be editing things on my home computer and uploading them? Will I be logging in to my web site and using some wordpress-supplied software? Do I need to obtain some third party stuff to make things work?

    Me again. Well, I tried again, and hey it worked. So I will proceed.

    No. Just get blogging. And good luck. WTWP.

    Everything seems to have worked fine. I am now officially a happy camper. Thanks for the help. However, I imagine I’ll be back.

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