• Hi there, just a question
    I have this project to be made where users register to the website as buyer or seller and can have access to a custom post type like a quotation request one can set the quotation request the other can fill the answer…

    The point is to notify sellers when a buyer create a new quotation request and i was thinking to do that using subscription to the custom post type taxonomy (like category of interest)

    how can be done with your plugin?
    how can set the registration form (using profile builder at the moment) to allow sellers users to choose the category on interest?

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  • @artphotoasia

    I’ve been trying to think of how this might work but since Subscribe2 sends emails when posts are published I don’t see how it can be made to work unless each time a buyer responds to a sellers post the post is somehow re-published.

    Do buyers respond in comments? Or by making a new post?

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    The post published by buyer will be actually a CPT of a certain category (or custom taxonomy) when the buyer will create a new CPT all sellers interested in that taxonomy will receive the notification of a new one.

    The seller must set before the interested taxonomy (how to do?) and must be done via frontend.


    You can register your CPT and taxonomy with Subscribe2 via it’s API, your ‘sellers’ would need accounts in WordPress to sign up to taxonomy notifications but that would have to be done in the admin area of WordPress with Subscribe2.

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