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  • Anybody knows of a plugin/hack that would notify the blog admin when a draft is submitted?
    (hacking core files is OK, if you know how and where to do it 🙂


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  • Afraid I don’t, but I’ll be watching the thread. This just came up today at the “day job” where several of us all post and approve other’s posts.

    Seems like a “email all admin level folks when Save is clicked” type plug-in might suffice for us, but I hadn’t found much yet.

    So, it’s not only me 🙂
    Having in mind that WP is used more and more for community sites – it would be a really nice addition.

    I’m even toying with requesting it over at wordpress.COM just to get some attention towards having it in the core package…

    Well, I agree it would be really nice. I think I mentioned this lack about a year ago, when I first got going with wp. IIRC nobody but me at that time seemed to be interested….

    I’m a WP newb, only been hosting it for about 4 months. :p

    Question to the gurus:
    Could any of the subscribe plugins be modified to send mail when saving as draft and the admin being the only “secret” subscriber?
    Or is that an overkill? 🙂

    Any news? I also need such a plug-in! And it would be cool to not only inform the Admin but also Editors.

    By request in another thread, here is a plugin which automatically emails the blog admin when a draft is saved:

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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