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  • Which notifications are you talking about? Ones for the user to see as they get achievements? Emails to the admin(s) ?

    I believe we have improvements coming for notifications/submissions planned for BadgeOS 1.4.0 which we’ve been working on recently. One of them looks to be notification settings for multiple emails.

    My apologies, my question wasn’t clear. I’m talking about notification emails sent to administrators when users submit their work. Is the upshot that we need to wait for BadgeOS 1.4.0?


    Well, if your “Send email when submissions/nominations are received:” option is enabled, and you’re not receiving anything for notifications, then we have an issue needing debugged. Someone should be getting them if this is enabled.

    If that’s working fine and at least one person is receiving notifications, but you’re hoping for multiple people to, then that’s something that we’re working on for 1.4.

    Regarding the original question, there are triggers in the code that are run when a user submits a submission, and at that point, we very likely use wp_mail() to send an email to the address in the “admin email” setting.

    Features for this type of functionality are scheduled for 1.4.0. Resolving until then.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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