• After my first fumbling and correspondence regarding Wordfence and noticing an issue between the user (me) and the interface, I can happily rate Wordfence plugin as a solid 5 Star and would highly recommend.

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    Hi indiointernet!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I wish you would have reached out to support first though. Just go to Dashboard > Global Options > Alert Preferences and disable “Alert on warnings”. After that you’ll only get alerts for critical issues.

    Hope you have a good rest of the week!

    Yes, and thank you! I know where the general alerts are. My issues is Updates Needed (Plugin, Theme, or Core) – Over one hundred emails alone in one day from my sites. You are asking an extortionate price for me to upgrade in order to turn these notifications off? This is and I quote a “Ransom”. Either you pay, or we erode your sanity with a constant barrage of emails. As you well know, take a look on google and type in remove Wordfence Email notifications, you will see a plethora of results of those also afflicted and now finding coded solutions to actually do so. I would highly recumbent that Wordfence heed these niggles and allow your potential paying customers to feel good and loyal to your obviously great work but sour and underhand on-boarding mechanisms. I wont mention some of my very influential and high level co-workers and clients but they are in absolute agreement. Until you make this change, I cannot possibly award you an higher than one star rating.
    Brian Roe

    Plugin Support wfasa


    Hi Brian!
    No, everyone can turn those off including free users. See the highlighted option in this screenshot. Disabling this option will disable email notifications for plugin updates.


    Have a good day!

    Yes, I am fully aware of that! I am neither illiterate or stupid.
    It is the “Updates Needed (Plugin, Theme, or Core)” notifications I want to turn off! Not all alerts. Just that one. It is in this area that a premium licence is required and that to me is asking for a ransom.
    You know, the part where it says…..
    “Dashboard notifications will also be displayed for Security Alerts, Promotions, Blog Highlights, and Product Updates. These notifications can be disabled by upgrading to a premium license.”
    I’ll tell you what, I’ll change all the notifications email address’s in the plugin from the dozens of sites I manage to you guys at Wordfence! When you start getting a bit irritated by all the update notification emails coming through, maybe you’ll listen to the many users who feel exactly like I do,
    Have a great day your self.
    Brian Roe

    Plugin Support wfasa


    Hi Brian,
    Dashboard notifications are only displayed on the Wordfence Dashboard in the section called “Notifications”. They are not sent out via email.

    We don’t have an option to disable “Updates needed” email notifications for free or premium users. The options that are available for email notifications are however the same for free and premium users. To stop receiving plugin update notifications via email you can either:

    1. Disable this scan option: “Scan for out of date, abandoned, and vulnerable plugins, themes, and WordPress versions”
    2. You can disable “Alert on warnings” as described above

    I’m sorry for the confusion we have apparently caused you but we do not have any email notifications that can not be disabled in the free version of Wordfence.


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