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    Since the last update, I have notifications messages (a “15” circled in red) near the “events” line on the backend that appeared, and I don’t understand what does that mean.

    Could you tell me, please?

    I precise that among the “15”, only one is related to a pending booking…


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  • vtad


    Same at my site, but a “1” circled in blue



    Yes, I’m seeing the same thing and have duplicated over several sites. That number shows what’s PENDING and TRASH combined. Sure, I can empty the trash and the number can go away but that’s not exactly the point I think. Did somebody choose to code this as an option?
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    As far as I’m concerned, I have nothing in the trash nor in “pending”, and still “14” circled in red…

    Plugin Support timrv



    We’re aware of this issue and will explain. The number is showing orphaned events, which is actually ‘correct’ and is now showing due to a fix we introduced in 5.9.7. The side-effect is uncovers the fact that orphaned events can exist more obviously.

    To correct that number, visit Events > Settings > Admin Tools and then click the ‘Remove Orphaned Events’ button. You’ll notice that in the description the number should correspond to the difference in that menu number.

    The other issue is orphaned events. These happen when the event isn’t properly deleted. The problem is it does not happen all the time, and we have been unable to reproduce the problem due to its rarity. If you ever notice that the number is off whilst deleting events or performing an action, we’d appreciate knowing the steps taken. If we can reproduce the issue, fixing the problem becomes a possibility.



    I ran the orphan database clean up but a red circle number remains (5) and the cleanup tool section says “0 potentially orphaned events have been found.”

    Hi @timrv,

    looks like this a function is for the superadmin in a network (multisite).

    I run into a blank screen using it. Is there a way to disable or hide this notification network wide?

    Best, Daniel

    Plugin Support timrv


    @sillymoney The notification is a combination os orphaned events and the Bookings. If it stil shows as 5, There’s a chance that you might have 5 new bookings. Events > Bookings

    @dhoffmann If you’re on multisite, Some of the EM functions are moved into the Network Admin of the multisite.

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    Thanks for your reply.
    They don’t take sign-ups through the plugin so there are no bookings. I thought maybe there could be some detritus records out there. But there is no link Events > Bookings where I can even check that.

    I just now went back to Events> Settings> Admin Tools and whereas before it said 0, now it says 5 (!). Rerunning the cleanup cleared them off.

    thus and so – all is well, it fixed itself

    @timrv As @dhoffmann stated above, unless Events Manager is network activated, you run into a blank screen. The screen I came across said “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page”

    However, once EM is network activated, I am able to access the Admin Options on the Network Admin, but it isn’t accessible through the Site Admin, and the Network Admin doesn’t detect any Orphaned Events on the Network sites.

    Any suggestions on how to remove orphaned events from a specific Network site?

    Same issue with multisite –
    In admin, I ran the remove orphans and it says it finds none. On the main site, there are not incorrect notifications but on all the children sites there are. One of the child sites shows 8k pending events! What can we do?

    I just cleaned up my site with this process:

    1) removed any orphaned events (about 10 disappeared) – at this point I had 3 left.
    2) Permanently deleted 2 thrash events
    3) Modified one draft event with a bad date (1/1/1970)
    All 3 gone.

    During the process I also did the following (that didn’t help):
    Delete all old bookings (about 6-8 – only used when testing it)
    Checked for recurring events (we don’t use recurring events since it doesn’t go well with polylang) – nothing there.

    I hope this helps anyone out there…

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