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    I have a particular workflow :
    – an admin create a post, choose an author and save the post as draft
    – the author edit post and save as draft
    – an admin choose a “relector” user (they only can add editorial comment)
    – relector add an editorial comment
    – admin and author edit post
    – admin publish article

    I would like to send notification to the author at the end of first step, to admin at the end of second step, to relector at the end of the fird step, to admin and author at the end of the 4th step and to relector at the end of the 5th step

    I know how to send notification at the end of the 4th step but how to do this for other step ?
    For the first step, I tried to add notification when status change from “New/Auto draft” to draft but it doesn’t work

    How to do this please ?

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    Hi @cochii

    You can do all of this with PublishPress except for “they only can add editorial comment”. It’s not possible to create a user who can only add editorial comments.

    For the workflows, go to “Documentation” and then “How-to Guides” on our site. There’s an area there with several “Workflows” you can use.

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    Hello @stevejburge
    thank you for your reply.
    But the site was developed without the use of reviews and authors as on the documentation
    Publishpress permission is used in parallel, the authors are managed like this. Regarding the statutes, the only ones used are Draft and Published
    I will need to send a notification each time the article is saved (with Draft status) so for example a user creates and writes the article, he saves as a draft => a notification is sent
    He then modifies this article and saves it in draft again => a notification is sent

    Is it possible ?
    I tried to select “All” in Previous Status and Draft for new status but it doesn’t seem to work

    Plugin Contributor Steve Burge


    @cochii. No, the notification do require the content to move to a new status.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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