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  • Hi, Thank you for this great plugin.

    Following up this

    Is the new version with the little icon ready yet?

    Also, I saw on your website

    What data do you collect and store?
    First and foremost we’re here to help increase security and awareness. We’re not here to scoop up all your private data. We store only what we need to help keep your site safe. We store the following data:

    * your domain name
    * a list of the plugins you have installed
    * the versions of those plugins”

    I can understand that you get the information to check the plugin, but why do you need to store the domain name?
    How long is that information stored?
    How can we ask for removal of that information?


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  • Plugin Contributor Tim Nash


    Spam hunter

    V2 has been out for a while now!
    With regards to data gathering, as of V2 it uses own checksum API for any plugins that are on the repo. In this mode, it pulls the checksums rather then pushes. This reduces the need for us to store data yay! For any third party plugins, we pull the data if available from in exactly the same way, it’s only if the result doesn’t match that we then store the data.

    In terms of storage, the domain name is used as an identifier during that transaction and provides a cache key and very rudimentary rate limiting.

    There is no way currently to request removal, nor do we intend to offer one anytime soon. Your domain name is not personal information, if you don’t want to use wpfingerprint API and just rely on ones then you can unfilter the gateway. In theory you can also use your own or a third party one if you wanted.

    Thread Starter angelfplaza


    Can you provide documentation on how to disable the wpfingerprint API?

    I disagree on this statement:”Your domain name is not personal information”, but that is for another discussion.

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