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  • I do realize that I’m wasting my time since I never get notices of followup postings and I can never find my posts to check for helpful followups. So… why I’m writing this I don’t know, but maybe this will cause someone in charge of this experiment to re-think it. None of my 3.4 subscribers are actually subscribed! No one gets emails of new posts ( oh I know, I need to add a new application add-on or a wiz-bang or something… shouldn’t this just work????)

    What is the point of calling people subscribers if they’re not actually subscribed? Email notification of updates, posts, events, whatever… should be the main purpose of a blog… no? Geez, is this the only blog software that does this or are they all like this? I am not interested in RSS as I do not know one person that even has it!

    Thanks for listening, I’m heading back to Google.


    “Code is Poetry”…. I never noticed this before. So all the trouble I’m having with WP is actually my own fault. I would have chosen “Code Hurts” or “No Pain No Gain” or “Welcome to WP, Now Go Home”. I’m sure you’re all nice folks here, but you gotta admit “Code is Poetry” says it all!

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  • I’m not particularly fond of the “code is poetry” line, since that implies that there’s a ‘best’ or ‘most efficient’ way to write a poem, which is a complete sack of crap.

    The alternative implication is that wordpress isn’t written in a particularly methodical or efficient manner, but is instead an expression of the programmer’s creativity and emotional state of mind.

    Hardly a ringing endorsement, but it would explain why wordpress makes so many people cry.

    Moving on…

    there’s a link to your profile in the top right corner… that’s where your threads live. Frankly I can’t imagine how you found the “code is poetry” thing and missed that right after you login.

    as for the subscribers thing, I agree… the core offering should include the ability to notify ‘subscribers’ of comments or new posts, or whatever.

    My agreement with that doesn’t change the core code, unfortunately.

    There are countless plugins which can do this for you if you’re really that upset about it 🙂

    Thanks… any ideas how to change the password email to new users? I think it might be important to explain to them how to change their password to something other than “uyTyiHhfdsEWeDFfh” so that I can actually get them to return and successfully login? I tried a test registration and I could not believe the level of inconvenience. No wonder no one leaves comments…. they cannot login.

    This blog site forum is fairly simple to operate, but real blogs using WP are not at all like this site! Why is that?


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