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notification of Comments

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  • Do you have the option selected under settings/discussion?

    Yes I do, thanks, just checked that again and double checked the email address was correct.

    You may want to try a plugin like “configure smpt” or “Mail From”. Something that lets you configure your email settings. When this happened to me I had to contact my host, they told me to get those plugins, then gave me the values to input in the plugin settings. I never figure out what caused it, but I think it was a server issue, and my host just never admitted it.

    I see, Ok thanks for that I will check out the plugins. I appreciate your help.. Joan

    I see, Ok thanks for that I will check out the plugins. I appreciate your help.. Joan

    Also, you might try another theme, and disabling any plugins. Sometimes that can fix anything.

    I attempted to install Mail from 11 and this is what happened.

    Unpacking the packageā€¦

    Installing the pluginā€¦

    Could not create directory. /home5/youract1/public_html/Joan/wp-content/plugins/wp-mailfrom-ii/

    Plugin install failed.

    Return to Plugins page

    Any ideas??

    I attempted it from my pc and then directly from my admin area. Neither worked.

    delete it, somethings wrong with it, probably need to be updated. Did you try the other suggestions?

    if no fix, then try
    it’s a little old too, but maybe will still work.

    Try another theme? You must be kidding. It took me months to master my theme lol. I don’t have any other plugins because I can never install them.

    I have a premium theme with lots of bells and whistles so maybe that is hindering this action. I will get onto them.

    Thanks so much for you help, you tried!

    Cheers, Joan

    haha, I just mean to test, you should do it so you’ll know for sure. If email doesn’t work with another theme, no point in contacting the theme author.

    I wouldn’t be game to do that! Terrified I’d lose something off my site. I will contact them and see what they offer.

    Cheers, Joan

    probably the best way to go, good luck!

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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