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    I have checked “Email me whenever anyone posts a comment,” but numerous comments have been posted and I get no email notification. Why not?

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  • The notifications will be sent to the email address setup in the settings, not the emails for an admin. So I’d check that first to make sure it the address you expect.


    Thank you for that tip. I checked the settings and the email address is good.


    Check if other emails out of WordPress are working.

    For example go to the login page and see if the password retrieval function will send you an emails message.

    That will confirm that email at all, is working or not.


    The password retrieval function sends a message to my email address so there is no problem with email per se.


    Perhaps changing the email address in the settings


    to another email and try that??

    Should just work huh


    Change the password on your email?

    No sorry I meant try sending to a different email


    Thanks for the suggestion, Peter. I tried putting a different email address into the general settings but that did not work. I tried changing the WP profile address as well and then posted a comment, but that also produced no notification.


    Since I’m not getting notification of comments from WP, I’m wondering what others have found most helpful in order to follow comments on your blog. Does the “Comments” item on your Dashboard serve that purpose best?


    Terry – I had the same problem and appear to have fixed it by resaving my settings. I checked them to be sure that nothing oddball had happened – my email was still correct, and I had ticked to be notified of new comments – so then I just hit “Save” at the bottom of both pages, and hey, presto! Comment notifications began flowing again. Good luck. Isabel

    Having the exact same problem here. Other notifications are working but comment notifications are not. Also I installed the “Comment Notifier” but this plug-in does not work either. 🙁



    me too.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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