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  • Hi,

    OneSignal changed the working of notifications for scheduled posts recently. When you schedule a post, a notification is scheduled immediately for the same timing on Onesignal system. THIS IS NOT GOOD.

    Many wordpress users are using the cron jobs running by the host, or by wordpress itself.
    At many sites 5 or 10 minutes to run cron tasks is ideal.

    If you scehdule a post for e.g. 10:45, a Onesignal push will be sent out at 10:45.

    BUT if your server runs the cron tasks in every 10 minutes, the post effectively will be published at 10:50.

    So the Onseignal push will contain a preview URL of the post, and if the user/reader clicks it, he will get 404 page as the post is not published yet.

    The old method regardin sending out notifications for scehduled posts was much better!



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  • Yes, again this problem. I Have this problem in my projects.

    PLUS: Noticed since the first post, if you change the schedule of the scheduled post, a notification from onesignal is sent out in the original timing as well.



    me too

    Me too.
    I rolled back 1.17.5 and I am WAITING !!!

    Plugin Author OneSignal


    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for your patience while consider your requests. We definitely listen to them and encourage you to use version 1.17.5 in the meantime if you so prefer.

    The only problem is with the 1.17.5: “OneSignal – Web Push Notifications versions 1.17.5 and below is vulnerable to a Stored XSS attack.”

    We are still having this problem as well.

    Please fix this as soon as possible, we are getting a lot of unsubscribes from users who are understandably frustrated.

    The old way worked perfectly.

    Me too !!!

    We also urge you to go back to the way things were done before and issue a new plugin update. We cannot roll back to the old version.

    This problem has been going on for two weeks! I’m sure you do a lot of testing but at the same time, the response to many, many issues reported by your users has been very slow and at times support has seemed skeptical that there is a major issue going on.

    These issues lead to a really bad user experience and immediate unsubscribes.

    A user emailed us this screenshot this morning to complain of the problem.

    When one person submits a ticket and says they’re having an issue, you should assume that hundreds and thousands of your users are having the same problem instead of assuming that it’s an isolated incident.

    The response of “Thanks for your patience while consider your requests” from two days ago does not express the sense of urgency that your users are clearly feeling.

    Plugin Author OneSignal


    Hi everyone, we are taking this issue very seriously and working to resolve it in an upcoming update. If you need to go back to the old way this was handled, please use version 1.17.5 This version has no vulnerability despite the reports.

    We appreciate your patience!

    Plugin Author OneSignal


    Hi everyone,
    We decided to go back to the behavior seen in 1.17.5. This will be included in the upcoming 1.17.9 release, which you can get early here. Thanks for everyone’s patience while we worked to resolve.


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