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  • I’m having trouble getting notification emails to send. I’ve been tinkering with function pfund_send_donate_email in user.php and function pfund_handle_publish in admin.php. I can get it to fire off a test wp_mail message (without any of your variables) before the first if statement, but not after that – but at least I know the system is making its way to the right functions.

    I’m not sure if this is part of it, but those if statements reference filters called pfund_mail_on_publish and pfund_mail_on_donate which I don’t see listed in hooks.php.

    I was originally worried something was going on with wp_mail but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m stuck. Help!

    I was still running 3.4.2 but upgraded to 3.5.1 before I submitted this question just in case. Same issue on both. All other functionality seems to be working swimmingly though.

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  • Plugin Author John Kleinschmidt


    Those filters are optional filters that can be applied on your site if you have some reason to override the default email behavior. By default there is nothing that uses those filters. I would check the campaigns to see who is assigned as the “author” of the campaign. It will send the email to that user if they have an email address which they should. If for some reason a campaign doesn’t have a user/author assigned to it (eg the campaign hasn’t been approved), then the email won’t send.

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