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    DB Optimizer doesn’t work also.

    I tried DB Optimizer. I press buttons to clean staff, page is refreshed, but numbers stay the same.


    I installed your plugin. Still haven’t made tests, but so far it looks good. I will write 4 stars and change it later.

    There is a big notification in WP admin panel. It is not going away. I close it, but after refresh or going to another page it is arriving again.

    “LiteSpeed Cache plugin is installed!
    This message indicates that the plugin was installed by the server admin…….”


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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 11 months ago by Ghelle.
    • This topic was modified 2 years, 11 months ago by Ghelle.
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    Hello, Irakli

    I’m sorry you are having difficulty getting things to work in the plugin. We are more than happy to help, if you can provide some details.

    I can see how you’d be annoyed by that repeated notification! It shouldn’t behave like that. And the DB Optimizer should be cleaning up your database. It’s very possible that the two issues are related to each other.

    If you wouldn’t mind creating a ticket (or sending email to bug at, we can troubleshoot and get you up and running.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


    Thanks for response.

    Currently I am very short on time. I’ll submit the ticket if I’ll manage to get back to the plugin.


    Plugin Support Hai Zheng⚡


    Hi @ghelle,

    You can just create the ticket so we can help to solve the issue. It may be caused by some plugin conflicts of yours.

    Personally, I don’t think one star rate can give any help to solve your issue. Oppositely, it makes our dev team very sad. We tried to work very very hard to give the best free cache plugin for WordPress users. The reason we work hard is we are glad to see how happy users are when they see our new features and feel their site is super fast. Hope you can understand this.

    Best Regards,

    We had this happen on one of our sites. It was due to the age of the WordPress install and the outdated theme. Once we updated all the plugins, core and theme to their latest versions the notification disappeared. If you can ‘click’ the X to make it go away but it keeps coming back, that happens for us on other plugins too and we just deactivate and re-activate and it usually fixes it.

    Lol @ people giving 1 star for a fucking notification…. where the plugin is excellent. shame

    @hailite You are using not free. You are using freemium model.

    Thanks for your attention. You care about users, so I will rise stars to 4. It would be unfair to write 5 stars to unworking plugin.

    I’ll be glad to write 5 stars when I’ll see it working.

    Sadly, I have no time now to test what might cause the problem. I’ll get back as soon as I’ll have some time.


    @webgorilla The main problem is not in the notification. Check review text.

    @wilkinsit Thanks for the suggestion. Will try.

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    Plugin Support Hai Zheng⚡



    Thanks for your reply. Hopefully wilkinsit’s way should work. If not, please don’t hesitate to create a ticket as Lisa mentioned.

    Best Regards

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