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  • Hi, sorry below was added to review before…Now put the support now…

    I have really bad experience with like buttons on buddypress. Most of time, i am asking why i start to my project with wordpress. Whatever. Now, i am trying to understand this pluging with my bad english 😉

    A – If i only enable on setting -> “Use a unique “Reactions” subnav for user profiles”. This means only show “Reaction” on sub menu and hide favorite, and no any notification, right?

    B – If i only enable ” Do not replace the BuddyPress favorites with the BP Reactions favorites”, it creates bp default Favorite and also Like for submenu.

    C – If i enable both section. Its create Favorite and Reaction on submenu.

    Condition B anc C create default bp favorite notification.

    QUESTIONS I very happy if you give answer because i need you…

    1 – Member x create update hello (not blog post) Why Above condition B and C create 2 notifications for member X. “Member A added your activity to favorite” and also “Member A favorited your post”

    2 – I want to use (above secion B) default bp favorite (because its give notification) and with reaction. So,
    2.1 How can add more text or icon to reaction such as.. mylike, my hate, maybe, best stupid, best hot, top25, top50 etc…..

    3 – In te future, if i delete your pluging, it make any problem for my members past added favorites?

    We are simply user and belive me i really tired to solve like plugin or work pluging on wordpress. Million developer, million language. Sometimes i am feeling like a monkey or mouse on the laboratory. Developer A langugae conflict B, B is perfect with C but C hate A, D love A but A hate my theme…. waiting to use pluging because, its look like future best pluging… Good idea

    Note: Why notification more important. People have ego. Hımm who did like me or hate me, ok, lets gor his/her page to like or hate. Each visit create new traffic to show advertisiment for us right side or left side, EGO keep them on the site… We use their ego to sell product or services… I hope you understand with my stupid english…


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    relation my question 2.1 … I am just code copypaste user. I added below code to bp-custom, so A – Undersubmenu activity, Its there favorite and like “link” but not show recommadation. What should i do? B – How add more also such as myhate

    defined( 'ABSPATH' ) || exit;
    function recommandation_reaction() {
    bp_reactions_register_reaction( 'recommandation', array (
        'emoji'       => '0x1F4BC',
        'description' => __( 'recommanded an update', 'bp_reaction' ),
        'label'       => __( 'Recommandations', 'bp_reaction' ),
    ) );
    add_action( 'bp_init', 'recommandation_reaction', 7 );


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    Ok i solve the add new one, 500 times try 🙂 and i can add more 5 than how much i want. But how do add links… i think you call filter, submenu…

    I really need this, will develop my project. I promise, if you come to istanbul, i promise waiting you 1001 nights 😉 …

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    Ok, i know, million sorry, boring you and wasting your time when you read my supports. But this pluging is great approach and idea to increase communication among members, i am so happy to find this… So, can we do this?

    PLAY 1 … Using bp default favorite (i must use for live notfication instead like button because cant find any working like button) also reaction.

    members/activity show below. Now when click reaction will be like this
    Personal Mention Favorites Reactions Friends Groups
    ……………….Reactions Icons Here………..

    and if i click any icon, will show that update or posts? So people best way to categorize…

    PLAY 2
    Personal Mention Favorites Reaction1 Reaction2 Reaction+1 Friends Groups


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