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    Actually, I reopened as this topic was not related to the same thing as the other topic.

    Gary does make a decent point – if we insist on one topic per trac ticket, then why not in the forums?

    Trac and the forum are different mediums intended to serve differing purposes, though. If the topics are sufficiently distinct to warrant it, sure, open a new one, but multiple topics about bugs in, say, a single plugin strikes me as pointless.

    If there wasn’t a feature allowing the OP or plugin author to mark individual threads (issues) as [resolved], I would completely agree.

    However, there is, so it makes more sense to permit one issue per thread, even for the same plugin, otherwise, there runs the risk of things being missed, or further discussions about separate issues being mixed together (confusingly) under one thread.

    I’m also aware that this is not the place to be discussing forum etiquette, but since you started… 😉



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    multiple topics about bugs in, say, a single plugin strikes me as pointless.

    Agreed – specially as they were posted within minutes of each other. Putting them all in one place so that the plugin dev can work through them seems far more sensible

    I’m sure the plugin author is capable of making another mouse click to read other threads.

    By keeping them to separate threads, it further allows the developer to work through them and report on, and mark off progress, on each one as he goes.

    I don’t know if esmi and mrmist are developers at all, but getting information about a specific bug, and being able to mark it as [resolved] once it’s been addressed, is far easier and more accurate (and more typical of a development workflow) when they are one issue per thread, than all mixed in together, irrespective of who, or when, those bugs were reported.

    While Trac and this forum are clearly different media, the plugin author did specifically ask me to report the bugs on here, meaning that the purpose of the forum and Trac are the same (to convey feedback to a developer) in this instance, hence, it is most sensible to follow the same policies as Trac.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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