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    Its not possible to run the PRO-Version of GSpeech!!!

    Message when installed:

    “To hide a backlink, please purchase a GSpeech Pro-Version”

    But I BOUGHT an installed the PRO VERSION !!!!
    Can’t register in your forum!!!!

    In the free version – no highlighted text is shown!

    Very bad service!


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  • Hello,

    1. To install PRO version you just need to uninstall free version, and install PRO. That is it.

    2. What is the problem you can nor register in the support forum? There are more that 20 new registered users on the forum every day, and nobody said about problems during registration. Also there is Contact Us button on project site, you could write me about problems. Also I’m usually checking email info@2glux.com

    3. This plugin has 30 days money back guarantee, you can get back your money!

    Please give me the url of your website, and i will correct the issues.

    thx for your answer.

    I did this 10 times!!!

    In my first topic i wrote whats the problem with installing Pro Version….please read again.

    Yesterday I wrote a Mail in your “Contact Us” field, but it couldn’t be send….(maybe too much signs?)

    Yesterday I registered two time with two different email adresses – and I got no mail with activation link!

    Another point is the documentation – I think there’s not enough information to work with the plugin – (e.g. “How to make menu-topics speak…)

    Maybe you understand, that I’m angry…

    I’ll mail you the URL of my website…and I change the review-enty…

    Yes, I understand that you are angry. Do not worry, I will correct all issues on your website.

    Because this is new plugin, I had not enough time to write fully detailed documentation. It is in progress now.

    I’m waiting for your email …

    I sent…

    Twix wrote:

    1. It’s a German site – how to translate “Click to listen highlighted Text”?

    2. On a WordPress-Site, the welcome-message appears every time I go on the next menu item – how to get Welcome-Message just on the startsite?

    3.And how to get the menu speaking…

    1. To translate message go to gspeech/includes/display-functions.php and edit lines 156 and 215.

    2. If you want welcome message to appears only on home page, take the greeting message code from plugin parameters (write blank there), and put it somewhere in your homepage content. In the post, or anywhere you want.

    3. If you want have speaking menus on all pages of your website, than go to plugin parameters page, and put the following code in greeting message field.

    {gspeech autoplay=0 selector=.menu-item>a event=mouseenter hidespeaker=1}gspeech_html{/gspeech}


    thanks, thanks, thanks….

    It would be great, if we could all this find in a new BIG documentation 😀

    You are WELCOME.
    Yes, I will write a documentation.

    Write if you will have any problems.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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