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    Hi all,

    I’m having problems updating my site. I hadn’t used it in about a month, but when I went to publish a new post, it won’t show up on the site. Everything looks normal on the administrator end and the post says it’s published.

    So far, I’ve tried clearing my browser cache, making sure I’m still an administrator, turning off all my plug ins and changing themes, but nothing’s helped so far.

    Plus when I changed themes, that doesn’t update on the site either.

    Any advice is appreciated! I’m not so adept at wordpress, so I will try to follow advice to the best of my abilities!

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  • Does your host have any caching enabled? Are you making changes to a local copy instead of the remote copy? (I have made this mistake a lot!)

    Did turning off plugins make any changes to the front end of the site?

    Thanks for your response. I use dreamhost, and I’m not sure about caching. I tried looking into it, but can’t make sense of what I’m seeing.

    I’m working through a browser, so I think that would mean I’m working on the remote copy.

    Nothing changed on the front end when I turned off the plugins.

    Thanks again.

    can you share the link for your site?

    Sure it’s


    I just realized that I had originally published the site at and that’s where all my updates are currently going… But this still doesn’t make sense to me because I’m working on for sure.

    This makes me think that when I transferred my blog, something didn’t work out right. Although what that might be is now a distant memory since it happened a month ago. But even there, I just simply started a new site then uploaded all of my content, there was no transfer of the files on the server, which I thought at the time meant nothing to mess up. Obviously something is though.

    Alright now somehow everything seems to be working. Although I still SWEAR that I was posting in the right account. Sorry for the waste of time.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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