• I’d tested the trial for 2 weeks, before buying the Pro Edition.
    – First big deception was pagination. Pagination count rows not items, and in the trial it was not possible to pick that up because of the limitation of 10 photos in one album.
    – Does not work very well on iPad, mainly because of the size of the button’s link. Good for mouse but too tiny for fingers. To go back and forward between photos on iPad, you have to be lucky to find the right spot to click on.
    – I had problems with plugin’s css. Even and odd rows, when turning on pagination, alternate color. It’s a really unpleasant design. And, for my surprise, this option was not an easy option to change, there are some other less important options, like change lightbox color, that is directly in the plugin’s page as a possible configuration.
    – Support team works, just when they are online! Don’t leave them a message when they are offline because they won’t answer you back.

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