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  • Plugin Author Tom


    Hi there,

    GenerateBlocks is still a relatively new project, so I agree that there is still a lot more work to do.

    That being said, I’m very happy with where it stands right now in its development. It’s exactly what I’ve always wanted from a page builder, and I’m proud of how far it’s come so quickly.

    We have awesome plans for GenerateBlocks, including dynamic data (in the Pro version). Moving forward, we will continue to improve on existing features and add new features while keeping our focus on the overall stability and performance of the plugin.

    If you have any specific feedback/suggestions, feel free to post them in our community:


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    Hey There , thank you for your fast response.

    I understand what you say and of course i realise that this is a very very new product and i know that in the future will be added more and i guess better staff for the workflow.

    What i mean here is that now it seems useless as it gives nothing actually except of some css i would say that this is very easy to implement easily in each site, or better your support forum is actually doing it already with a huge sucess as i see.

    That beeing said , it gives only useless “bloat” meaning that gives something that you do not actually need, i really dont see what it offers, you say that is the best blocks for performance , i like performance and i like Generatepress but this thing gives 0 something , like really is not even an extension of Gutenberg.

    Why I say is not even an extension of Gutenberg, i have noticed a lot of people asking you some features to implement on Generateblocks, like Borders and a more easy way to handle Gutenberg if this makes any sense, and your response was that this features are to come in the next realeses of Gutenberg, so what is the value what is the new here?

    As i said i understand that is a new product and is going to bring great stuff and probably you are working more on ” the basis of this ” so this plugin will have a nice root with performance in mind, but sure for now there is nothing.

    Sorry to say that , but really i like your products and this one is dissapointing , i wish all the best in the future and i am sure you are going to rock.

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    P.S. About Pro version , it was a mistake that you had not ready the Dynamic Blocks on the release .. but this is just my opinion.

    Plugin Author Tom


    You’re certainly entitled to your opinion.

    That being said, from your response, it sounds like you haven’t actually tried using GenerateBlocks, or perhaps you’re trying a different plugin?

    For example, you can set borders on the Container, Headline, and Buttons blocks:

    If you actually compare the options in our blocks to the core blocks, it’s obvious what value GenerateBlocks adds.

    For example, compare the core Group block to the options in our Container block:

    You can also compare the core Heading/Paragraph block to our Headline block:

    Or the core Columns block to our Grid block:

    And lastly, the core Buttons block to our Buttons block:

    I’m having trouble seeing how this isn’t providing any value/adding anything to Gutenberg. Not only do we add tons of useful options that core doesn’t have, but we also provide tablet and mobile options for everything to give you more control.

    This plugin isn’t going to extend the editor by changing the way it works – that would be a mistake. The core editor team is awesome and they’re working really hard to improve it every day – they don’t need us to do that for them. The focus of GenerateBlocks is to provide a small collection of solid blocks that can build anything, and that’s exactly what it does.

    Not only have we received amazing feedback from our users, but it’s also allowed us to create really nice sites for our GeneratePress Site Library, which simply isn’t possible with the core editor as it stands right now.

    As for Dynamic Blocks – I have to disagree again. I’ve never been one to rush features – I care about the longevity and stability of this plugin, which means care needs to be taken not to rush features. When we do release that feature, our users can be confident that we’ve put a lot of care and effort into doing it right.

    Thread Starter mrbassist


    Hey there , i make this critism actually to pass a real feedback here and not just a review.

    1) So about the mobile preview – It does not work right , just it just not work as it should work, the preview in the gutenberg is not like it is at the front end. But i bet you know that, so no value over here – yet.

    2) About the container, i really cant see why you should add one more section that wraps everything and what is the point of using it, maybe i have not realised it yet what is the benefit of having this.

    3) Everything of the headlines as i said to my previous message are actually something can be done easily with some custom css as the gutenberg allows you to add custom classes.

    4.) Still cant understand the difference of Gutenberg columns versus Generateblocks.

    5) Svg icons are a nice idea and i like them

    6) Buttons ?

    To tell the absolute truth actually now i test Generateblocks in a new small project here and i dont have made my workflow any better.

    Also as you say Gutenberg is going to be better and what if they choose to impement some of Generateblocks options to gutenberg? Like Headings , Buttons etc.?

    What will happen there when everything is made by Generateblocks and you dont need that plugin anymore ( just a case )

    Tom i really like Generatepress and i try to understand Generateblocks , please dont see this as a bad intention or something like that, but just my opinion as a more advanced user.

    Have a nice day.

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    Plugin Author Tom


    I always appreciated feedback – it’s never a bad thing as long as it’s constructive 🙂

    1. If you find any specific issues where things aren’t right, please report them as bugs in a support topic. That’s the only way we can fix them if they’re there. As of right now, I’m not aware of anything outstanding.

    2. Our article does a good job of going over all of the options it provides:

    It’s an awesome block that allows for tons of customization. Our latest sites in the GeneratePress Site Library use it extensively. It’s not just something to wrap your entire content in, it’s a block that allows you to define sections throughout your pages and design them.

    3. This is true for everything. If you’re able to write CSS and would prefer to do so, you don’t need any of the options in the editor. However, most people can’t/prefer not to write CSS. I usually prefer to write my own code, but the CSS that GenerateBlocks outputs is actually very close to what I would write from scratch (something I’m very proud of), and using the options allow me to design things visually directly inside the editor, which CSS doesn’t.

    4. Our Grid block is responsive, while the core columns are not. This allows you to have completely different layouts on desktop, tablet, and mobile. It also uses the Container block as its grid item, so you gain the power of the Container block directly inside your Grid.

    On top of that, the grid wraps – it’s not just a one-row column block. This means you can build really complex grids that span multiple lines. The Grid block is one of the best parts of this plugin – it’s incredibly flexible.

    5. Me too!

    6. The Buttons block is great as well, especially with the SVG icons/ability to output them without text. Really flexible.

    While it’s always possible that Gutenberg does some of this – they certainly won’t do all of it. WordPress has always kept things light and simple – as they should. This argument could be made about any plugin in the repository – what if WordPress added SEO options, would all of the SEO plugins go away?

    Again, I always appreciate constructive criticism. That being said, it’s important that I point out things that may not be correct/constructive. At the end of the day, you should use plugins that you like/help you, and it’s totally ok if GenerateBlocks isn’t one of those plugins.


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    Hey There

    Thanks for your response i apreciate that, i hope the best with your plugin and i hope ( I am sure ) there are going to be in the future many great futures.

    I Respect all what you say and probably i should give it some more time, i will possibly update my review in the future if i made a mistake now.

    Take care

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    Tom one nice idea just saying is to Rearrange collumns left a right.

    For your grids and columns that ar ” incredibly flexible ” as you say,

    would be if you can move one column to the possition of the other, left to right and vice versa..

    This would be very flexible 😉

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    Plugin Support David


    Hi there,

    To move Containers within a Grid, simply select the block, and use the Move Icon ( UP / DOWN arrows ) in the toolbar to move them across the row.

    And it has built in responsive controls for the front end – where you can set a different display order of each Container for Tablet and Mobile:–-grid-item

    Thread Starter mrbassist


    Hi David,

    Yes i know this one , there is not an option if you want to do it on PC,

    i mean if you have created 2 columns one left with image and other right with text

    you have to create them again, this is a headache.

    of course this should be a Gutenberg future also but just saying.

    Plugin Author Tom


    I’m not sure I understand. Wouldn’t you create them in the order you want on desktop, then rearrange them using the Order option on tablet/mobile if necessary?

    Plugin Author Tom


    Thanks, @elliotcondon – really appreciate the kind words. Been a big fan of ACF for a long time!

    Thread Starter mrbassist


    @elliotcondon Wow!

    This is not logic and specially in the WordPress open source community, where mostly you are free to download and give a feedback!

    @elliotcondon as you see i give a full feedback here for the improvement of this plugin actually, where you see the ” irrelevant, irresponsible and illogical” comments i have done?

    I have responded with many replies back to Tom as you see and i said what i dont like and this is only my OPINION!

    I see what you try to do here, as i said on ACF plugins that ” There is no support” and yes this is my personal opinion after what i faced with ACF.

    Can i have my opinion without others to judge? or you are some kind of Master here to tell us who we are or what ratings should we give on plugins ?

    Why you are lurcing me on my ratings also ? what kind of privilages do you have so you do that also what kind of information you see about me ?

    Where is the moderator here?

    This does not make any sense!

    Thread Starter mrbassist


    @elliotcondon I have reported this thread as ” security related “.

    Also i should inform you that proffesionals can accept a review , specialy when is not saying anything in personal for individuals , this is WordPress and it does not belogs to you or ACF.

    If you dissagree or is something else that you are involved more with WordPress let us know so users also know.

    Moderator Yui



    reviews are to share personal experience,
    not for public shaming of reviewer or plugin author.

    And not for support. This review thread seems to be going too far beyong its initial purpose. Closing. Irrelevant comments removed.
    Review author still can amend it anytime.

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