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    Hi Jeremy,

    You should get _something_, might contain no useful data but you should get something!

    Can you try the following shortcodes, and see if they output anything?

    [amazon asin=0893817449&text=Static Link]

    [amazon asin=0893817449&live=0&text=Static Template&template=thumbnail&title=Henri Cartier-Bresson (Masters of Photography)&thumb=]

    If they don’t is it possible to post a link to your site so I can take a look?





    Yes something comes up when I try either of those, but I’m trying to use a template that has the image, description, price, etc. When I try any of the templates in the Add Amazon Link panel, nothing comes up.

    Plugin Author paulstuttard



    What shortcode are you using?

    What locale are you in (.com,,, etc.)?

    Do you have localization turned on? Caching turned on? Have you configured the AWS access keys and enabled live data?



    Hello Paul,

    I’m having the same trouble that earthtojeremy was having, so perhaps I can pick this thread up where he left off.

    Static links such as the one you gave above work just fine, as well as the Carousel, Banner, and iFrame. However, Image, Thumbnail, and Wishlist don’t seem to work. I hope to use the Wishlist template.

    This shortcode:

    [amazon asin=B0893817449&template=wishlist&chan=default]

    Produces this HTML on the page:

    <div class="al_found0">
     <div class="amazon_prod">
      <div class="amazon_img_container">
       <a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=""><img class="wishlist_image" src=""></a>
      <div class="amazon_text_container">
       <p><a rel="nofollow" target="_blank" href=""></a></p>
       <div class="amazon_details">
         <p>by  []<br />
         Rank/Rating: /<br />
         <b>Price: <span class="amazon_price"></span></b>
    <img src="" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;" />

    Judging from the src=”” it looks like it’s not talking to Amazon, or expecting some data in the shortcode which isn’t present.

    I have set up the AWS feature, and both the “AWS Keys Validated” and “Live Data” boxes are ticked in the settings.

    Any ideas?

    Plugin Author paulstuttard



    The al_found0 in the first ‘div’ does indeed mean that the AWS lookup failed to return any data.

    The reason this one isn’t working is that your ASIN has an extra digit, try this shortcode:

    [amazon asin=0893817449&template=wishlist&chan=default]

    If this doesn’t work then something else is wrong!



    Thanks for the advice! Sorry to say that didn’t work either. It returned al_found0, same as before.

    I’ve tried disabling all other plugins, to make sure it’s not a plugin conflict. I’ve also tried switching themes back to Twenty Eleven, and it doesn’t appear to be theme related.

    I also changed one character in my AWS private key and confirmed that the “AWS Keys Validated” unticked itself with an error, as expected. Then I changed the character back again, and “AWS Keys Validated” was ticked again, no error.

    Could it be that my web host is blocking calls to AWS? Or that there’s something wrong with my AWS connection, despite the existence of a valid public/private key pair?

    Very strange.

    I think I may be learning more about why this is happening.

    When I sign into the Amazon AWS Security Credentials page, I see this information:

    Access Keys
    Use access keys to make secure REST or Query protocol requests to any AWS service API. We create one for you when your account is created — see your access key below.

    Actually, when I first signed in there were no keys at all. I had to create them by clicking “Create a new access key.” This tells me that my Amazon account may not be configured with the AWS service, despite the fact that I can get to the settings page.

    In addition, when I click on the Manage Your Account page, only Amazon Mechanical Turk and Product Advertising API are listed among the services I’ve signed up for. Do I need to add some of the Infrastructure Services listed under the services I’m not signed up for? If so, which ones? Is there a cost involved?

    I’m new to AWS, so sorry for all the questions!

    Plugin Author paulstuttard



    Amazon change their sign up process almost daily!

    You should only need Product Advertising API for the plugin to work so don’t sign up for anything else.

    If you are using version 3.0.4 of the plugin then this validates your AWS keys by trying to do a Item Lookup, so if that works why isn’t it working on the frontend?

    When you go to the Amazon Options/ Templates section, do the templates (none java ones) each have a preview of the code? Or do these also fail to show up / have empty data?

    To double check your AWS account is set up okay try using the Amazon Product Advertising Scratchpad to run a request, here:


    Hi Paul,

    When I went to the Amazon Link Options > Templates section, I did see previews for most of the templates, but I did not see any previews for Wishlist, Image, or Thumbnail.

    Then I logged into the Scratchpad link you sent. Thank you for that, because it actually allowed me to solve the problem. I noticed this among the data returned:

    InvalidAccount Your AccessKey Id is not registered for Product Advertising API. Please use the AccessKey Id obtained after registering at

    Upon going through the signup process (again?), the Scratchpad returned significantly more data. I refreshed the Amazon Link Options page, and now the previews for Wishlist and all the others are showing up as expected. I didn’t even need to change my access keys.

    So it must have been an incomplete signup. Thanks for the help!

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