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    When a new user sets up an account and before they activate the account I can see nothing listed in the ‘User Activation Keys’ or the ‘Unconfirmed’ links in my Network/Users admin links.
    The plugin is installed and activated. The links in the Network show up fine but I never see any new (but not activated) users listed in the Unconfirmed links.

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  • Plugin Author David Sader


    That is odd.

    The User Activation Keys page is not doing anything fancy/shmancy, it simply reads what is present in the database. This plugin does not create the key, WordPress does that all by itself.

    So, if indeed no user key is displayed, the user key does not exist in the database ($wpdb->signups WHERE activation_key …). What stops WordPress from creating the activation keys for your users?

    Perhaps you have some other plugin setup to automagically bypass the email registration loop. Some plugins do that.

    Now, I tested my plugin again with the current version of WordPress – and no other plugins – and the user keys appear as expected for me. The email is generated and everything appears like a normal signup so far.

    You do get email with the activation link when creating new users?

    I can create users with false emails and still the user keys list – and my server returns an email error report for the undelivered mail. All as expected.

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    What is happening is that most of my new users will get an activation email and that’s fine and dandy. The problem is when they don’t receive an email. It looks like sometimes their email address is rejected by something (server perhaps?) and that the activation email is not generated. the account is set up as I can see it in the users list. But it says ‘awaiting activation’. At this point, if I go to the activation keys link there is nothing there!

    Thanks for the reply.

    Plugin Author David Sader


    Better snoop a bit further:

    I offer two ideas:

    First, test your install with no plugins active.

    Look into your database directly at the signups table with phpMyadmin. WordPress creates that table if no plugins are interfering.

    You should see any recent activations/attempts. Test with a email.

    If nothing is entering the database on an attempted signup, something is borking it up. You will need to troubleshoot your install so every activation lists in that signup table. Before adding any plugins.

    My strategy here is to verify that WordPress is indeed creating the signup key without any plugins in the way.

    Second, find the plugin that causes your problem.
    You say the phrase “awaiting activation” appears in the user list – my plugin does’t do that. But I wager a plugin is. Have a closer look at all your plugins that might be affecting or bypassing or automating user registrations. Re-enable plugins one at a time till you can reproduce the “awaiting activation” clue.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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