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    Now I’m installed, but nothing seems to be saved to file. When I comment, it doesn’t show up. Nor do my updates to the configuration. I can’t find this in the installation FAQs. Anyone have a lead?

    Thanks 🙂

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  • What do you mean “updates to configuration”. Are you sure that the comment isn’t in moderation? Check your “Manage” tab in the admin panel, and awaiting moderation. Can you post?

    What I mean by “updates to configuration” is that nothing I do from within WordPress is saved. For instance, I was able to upload several themes into the appropriate directory and view the site with the different themes applied, but when I go to Theme Editor, I receive the following comment:

    “If this file was writable you could edit it.”

    And, when I try to respond to a comment, nothing appears in the blog, nor are any messages awaiting moderation. I’ve tried both SAVING AS DRAFT and PUBLISH.

    I’m the administrator and have level 10 status (READ/WRITE etc.).

    Thanks for your help!

    That’s a permissions issue.
    Changing_PermissionsIf you have problems with the info on that page, check back.

    Sorry, the page linked says:

    (There is currently no text in this page)

    Are you saying it is a permissions issue with the Web host? With MySQL?

    thanks moshu.

    @newbie, the page that moshu correctly linked to will explain.

    Well, I’m not sure where to go from here. I’m sure this is great software, but I’m almost 24 hours into my 5-minute installation, and this is frustrating. My FTP client doesn’t set permissions, but I am seeing something that suggests that these files really are —RW—- anyway. Not sure what a reasonable next step is.




    If you are required to change permissions on a file, and your FTP program does not allow you to do that, a reasonable next step is to acquire a different FTP client.

    Many free, functional FTP clients exist for all the major platforms. What operating system are you using?

    Windows XP Pro

    Download WS-FTP from Great easy to use client, trial free. Or use cuteFTP. Many good free FTP clients out there. What is your current client? If you highlight a file and right-click on it, do you see a properties selection? If so, click there, and see if it offers things to do with the properities: “numeric value” or “owner – read write execute” “group” and “world” ditto….

    Was able to access permissions through host server software. Directory settings in general are as below:

    USER Group World

    Read X Read X Read X
    Write X Write Write
    Execute X Execute X Execute X

    Per “Changing File Permissions” notes, I made /wp-content GROUP WRITEABLE.

    Does this still make sense that this is a PERMISSIONS problem?

    (Thanks to everyone for your help).

    Guess I should add that problems persist. Still CANNOT save replies or changes to configuration, whether or not logged on as Admin with level 10.

    Thanks anyway for the help.

    I’ll probably delete everything and start over.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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