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  • Plugin Author Peter J. Herrel


    @selmane you’re right, there’s no settings page 🙂

    Default usage is the [carousel] shortcode, to be inserted in your post editor.

    Take a look at the wiki for configuration parameters and advanced usage with the Display Posts Shortcode addon:

    You know! even thought i read the wiki page!! it still not clear for me!!
    can you helpme!!
    i dont know! like i go to page editor and then i type [carousel] ?; but which images to include in carousel!! and how to include them!! ?
    for my use , i only need a simple carousel with three images and indicators!! that’s all!!

    Plugin Author Peter J. Herrel


    @selmane [carousel] will display all images uploaded to a post, except the image that is used as post thumbnail (featured image).

    To upload and attach images to a post, click the “Add media” button above the post editor and drag one or more images from your desktop to the screen.

    If you need to query and display a random or specific set of images, you’ll have to use the Display Posts Shortcode addon, as described in the wiki:


    Thank you peter, it’s working fine!
    i have another question, does it work with page post type!!

    Plugin Author Peter J. Herrel


    @selmane Yes it does, or at least, it should. Did you give it a try?

    I have tried to use it in a page!! and it does not work!! but in posts it works great!!

    Thank you Peter!!

    Plugin Author Peter J. Herrel


    @selmane I just tested with the latest WP and default theme, and it works fine.

    I assume your problem is caused by your theme or a plugin. Are you using a free theme?

    Also, what is the result (front end) when you save/publish your page? Are you seeing [carousel] or nothing at all?

    actually the theme i’m using!! is the one i’m developing!
    you know what happens! i add the images from add media! and then write the shortcode [carousel]! and it shows only the images!
    and in posts , it shows the images and the carousel also!

    Plugin Author Peter J. Herrel


    @selmane hard to tell what the problem is.

    Maybe page.php uses a different footer and you forgot to include wp_footer()? Maybe you’ve got a jQuery error on pages that prevents other scripts from executing?

    Check your browser console for any script errors, and also enable WP_DEBUG in your wp-config.php file.

    @peter, well, i know that i have to use wp_footer(), and load the right footer template!! but this is not the ase here! the console is showing nothing!!
    for WP_DEBUG that’s a new thing for me!! i enabled it! when i refresh it shows me two errors! but they go and the theme is displayed normally

    Plugin Author Peter J. Herrel


    What are the errors? Are they relevant to the carousel? Maybe you could post your page.php code on so I can take a look?

    i could not seem them!
    they are shown and disappear quickly!! so they are still not showing for me!!
    thank you for trying to help me Peter

    Plugin Author Peter J. Herrel


    You’re welcome, however I’m afraid I can’t do much more to help.

    Maybe it’s useful to know that the WP Bootstrap Carousel currently uses Bootstrap 3.2.0 CSS, JS and markup, while you might be developing with BS 3.3+. There might be a conflict.

    You could dequeue the carousel script included in the plugin and see if it helps:

    add_action( 'wp_bootstrap_carousel_enqueue', 'my_wp_bootstrap_carousel_dequeue', 9999 );
    function my_wp_bootstrap_carousel_dequeue(){
        wp_dequeue_script( 'wp-bootstrap-carousel' );

    Well the errors i told you about does not have a relation your plugin, i checked them!

    but ok! i need it on a post!! and it works on posts! but why does it shows the images also!

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