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  • I’m not sure what version of WP my blog at work is running, it’s not on the index (been removed from the footer)

    But basically it’s telling me to update to WordPress 3.3.1 and update all my plugins. I ran the automatic update through the WP Backend, it went through its thing, said “update complete” and I go back to the homepage of the backend.

    And its still again say “Update to WordPress 3.3.1” , so confused, I update it again. Come back to the home-page on the admin panel after another “successful update” and AGAIN it still says “Update to WordPress 3.3.1”

    So I see my plugins need updating too, so I run an automatic update on those, thinking maybe those need to be updated first, update complete. Come back to plugins page, ITS STILL ASKING FOR THEM TO BE UPDATED.

    So i’m trying to figure out why my WordPress blog is lying to me and telling me it’s updating everything, when it keeps telling me to update to the same thing after each time.

    Edit: Ah I guess it has something to with FTP and WP backend username not registering with each-other so it says it updated but it really doesnt do jack. Guess I need to do it manually!

    [No bumping. If it’s that urgent, consider hiring someone.]

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