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  • Hi,

    I can’t find any reference to w3 total cache in the source code so I would like to understand if it’s working.

    I was using Wp Super cache+CloudFlare and my website was loading in approx 3 secs (in first view) according to
    I installed W3tc yesterday (WP Super Cache has been removed, CloudFlare is still working) and set it up but loading times through the same server raised up to approx 5 secs.

    If I disable the plugin, the time raises up to approx 6 secs, so I suppose it’s working, but there are no references in the source code.

    Could you please help me to understand why the code is not appearing and how to check? Thanks

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  • The W3TC source code (in my experience) would generally appear at the bottom of the page you’re checking source on. Are you sure the plugin is configured properly?

    Note: It will be hard to look at without the actual domain in question.

    Hi Damon,

    Thanks for your reply. I looked for the code in the whole source code, bottom included, but couldn’t find it. Sorry about the website, I forgot to mention it:
    Anyway, after a few trials I gave up with W3TC and switched to WP Super Cache. Strangely enough, I experienced the same issue: I couldn’t find the super cache code (I also checked the bottom). I tried several times and apparently the plugin was working, again comparing the speed with and without plugin. Now Quick Cache is installed. I don’t know what caused this issue. I’ll try again in a few days both with w3tc and wp super cache, and will update this post. Perhaps you have already heard about similar issues from others and might suggest a fix.

    Strange. You might want to check with the plugin author (generally see that plugin in source as well). Don’t have a fix, unfortunately, because those plugins aren’t written by us.

    Note: Make sure you only turn on Minify options at one service & not both. If you have CloudFlare’s minify turned on & at the plugin, you may see a conflict eventually.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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