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  1. lartis
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    i just set up a new wordpress blog and installed a few plugins and it worked fine.
    Now, when i try to activate/deactivate any plugin i get a positive feedback ("Plugin (de-)activated.") but the plugin doesnt get (de-)activated, everything remains the same, the plugin stays the way it was before.

    heres what i did, maybe it helps:

    - i installed the WP-Security plugin and it told me that some of the files dont have the right permissions, so i properly chmodded all the files/directories.

    - changed db username/password

    - wanted to change the wp_ prefix, so i installed "WordPress Database Backup" with the plugin manager - plugin (which worked fine before that) and activated it with plugin manager. it didnt show up so i checked the plugins overview and saw that it was deactivated, i tried to activate it once again, but thats when this problem occured.

    my installed plugins:
    - admin management xtended
    - AJAXed WordPress
    - Plugin Manager
    - WP-UserOnline
    - WP Easy Uploader
    - WP Security Scan

    any suggestions appreciated, thanks in advance !


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