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[Resolved] Nothing Happening :/

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  • Plugin Author pd


    Do you have permalinks enabled? They are required for WordPress (and the plugin) to intercept image 404’s.

    One quick way to test this is by going to http://localhost:8888/something-that-doesnt-exist. If you get a WordPress 404 template, then that’s working fine. If you get a server/apache 404, then you need to enable permalinks under Settings > Permalinks by selecting any option and clicking “save”. This should save .htaccess and enable the plugin.

    Permalinks are enabled on both the local and remote installs.

    Here’s an example setup:

    I’ve pulled all the recent files (except for uploads) and database to a local install at http://localhost:8888/logos. The remote version is at http://logos-creative.com. I’ve got images loading that exist remotely, but not locally, and don’t load even though I’ve defined define('UBP_LIVE_DOMAIN', 'logos-creative.com'); and activated the plugin.

    Plugin Author pd


    I’ve worked out that this is caused by the local version being installed in a subdirectory, but the live version being at the root directory.

    I’m looking at solutions now, trying to work out the different possibilities:

    • Local in subdirectory, live in root (and how to catch 404s in this case)
    • Local in root, live in subdirectory
    Plugin Author pd


    This should be resolved now in version 1.1. Go ahead and give it a try through the WordPress updater.

    Here’s the full changelog.

    Looks like that fixed it for me, Paul! Thanks so much.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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