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  • I have been looking at Google translate plugins and most of them are a waste of time.
    They give you nothing in there so called free version of the plugin & all the good things you want are in the pay version or
    in this case there Pro version 😛

    gtranslate is just like most of the translate plugins out there, just trying to get $ out of us 😛

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  • While your comment may be legitimate, I would like to point out that plugin developers are just trying to earn a living. How do you propose that they pay their rent and food and utilities bills with free plugins? Personally, when I find a plugin that works I am happy to scrape up the cash – or charge my client – to pay the developer – that way they can keep developing.

    Your stance is shortsighted.

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    Well karelles
    it’s called paid support.
    If users need help with the plugin in some way, then they pay for it.
    It’s what we do in Linux community.

    If the developer (Edvard Ananyan) wants to make real big $ then he is developing for the wrong platform.
    Also when I do find a real good plugin I do donate
    but I don’t like being forced to pay when there are so many good plugins out there that don’t force you do pay.

    also take a long look at transposh, now there is a real plugin.

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