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    None of the changes i make get saved, is this because this is a “lite” version of a paid theme ?
    or is it because i have the latest version of WordPress ?( 3.7.1 ) or maybe some plugin conflict?
    I didn’t see anything said about not being able to save changes or others having problems so i’m thinking it’s one of the later 2.

    Right now the theme is on this site but i don’t have time to waste on themes that don’t work so i’ll probably be using a different theme by the time someone reads this. But there is nothing to see there anyway.

    Also the 2 input fields below the topic title seem wrong, the dropdown that asks for the “version” (theme version i’m thinking) doesn’t have the version number of the latest theme, it’s way above it, seems like it’s asking for the WP version, but then there is a second input field next to it which does ask for the WP version, wtf is going on here ? I reversed the 2.

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  • anybody ?
    i know it’s a lite version of the theme but 5 days and no answer ?

    BTW the theme was on there all this time and it still is.

    I thought the security plugin might be interfering so i deactivated it, it didn’t help.

    Does anybody use this theme and the latest version of wordpress ? does it work for you ?

    I experience the same problem with a brand new installation with 3.7.1. No similar problems with my older sites. No fancy plugins. Logging out and waiting for a while helps, but problem comes back randomly

    I’m glad i’m not the only one and i’m pretty sure everyone else with who has this theme and the latest version of WP has the same issue, they were just lucky enough to customize the site while they had older version of wordpress.

    I do have a few plugins on that site, but it seems the issue has to do with the new WordPress 3.7-3.7.1

    I’ve been logged out for a week, and that didn’t help.

    I downgraded to 3.6.1 according to

    No problems now…



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    Why have you rolled back to an old copy of WordPress? Were you aware that your site is currently running a very real risk of being hacked? You need to upgrade WordPress asap.

    Esmi, have you not read any of the posts above ? it’s to get the bloody theme working and i’m gonna downgrade too in a second



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    I’d suggest that you sort the issues in the “bloody theme”. That’s going to be a darn sight easier that cleaning up the site after a hack. And believe me – that’s a “when the site gets hacked – not “if”.

    i posted this issue a week ago, nobody answered, and other posts have been unanswered for 2 months, so i don’t see the theme issues being fixed anytime soon.

    I’m not a developer so i can’t sort out the problems WP and this theme are having, all i can do is downgrade WP and when a compatible upgrade for the plugin is released i’ll upgrade.

    I had some of my sites hacked before, thankfully i have a really good hosting company that backs up my sites for me and i just backed up my site myself, just in case i screw it up.

    Oh and a slightly older version of WordPress is the last thing to be worried about if you fear getting hacked that much.
    Getting my clients not to use admin as a username has pretty much eliminated that problem, i also use a security plugin and then there are the backups, i’m not worried.



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    Oh and a slightly older version of WordPress is the last thing to be worried about if you fear getting hacked that much.

    Really? I’d “gesstimate” that the number of security issues that have been patched since 3.6.1 are in double figures by now. All out in the wild and all used by hackers to attack older sites.

    Getting my clients not to use admin as a username has pretty much eliminated that problem

    That doesn’t really offer much protection in, and of, itself. The real login protection lies in the passwords being used.

    i also use a security plugin

    I seriously doubt that any of the security plugin developers here would even suggest that their plugin can replace the protection of an up-to-date copy of WordPress. Try asking them about it.

    that security plugin also enforces strong password use, like i said i’m not worried about that.

    I’m gald you think the latest updates of wordpress are so important, but until they add a revert button i’m not gonna upgrade any more, not until all of my plugins and themes say that they are 100% compatible or have updated version that are.

    Now please let’s get back on topic, this has nothing to do with my original issue with the theme.

    Hey Ketil,

    I followed that article too and downgraded to 3.6.1, but it still doesn’t save any settings.
    By doing this i also deactivated all of the plugins so i don’t think those are the problem either.

    Maybe i gotta downgrade even more, i don’t know what to do anymore.

    I guess i gotta give up on the theme and find something similar. What a shame.

    In the mean time, i installed this theme on another site, using the same hosting company (with the security plugin added and configured) and on that site it works (saves)

    There have been 2 theme updates since then, but neither helped with the original site.
    The only thing i can think of is that it’s a plugin conflict.

    Does anyone know of a way to find out which ? seeing as deactivating all of them doesn’t help.

    OK, well i started deleting plugins 1 by 1 and testing the theme after each to see which was the problem.
    And the answer is the SE Analyzer Developer plugin.

    Case closed.

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